31 October, 2007

Constitution is just a piece of paper.

Some bright mind this Professor Shad Saleem Faruqi has. Delicate observation of his came to a result that the constitution is almost nothing. Reason of being is that the Parliament has almost certainly unlimited power and it is not govern by the constitution. He gave the example of Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 that states the Minister has absolute power to his discretion.

A point well put if I may say so my self. He laments that freedom of speech should be limited by the grounds of the constitution and not by some minister. Once it is vested to an imbecile thus the freedom of speech will be as useful as that imbecile that gave the orders.

By some margin this proves that the constitution is nothing more than a piece of old paper. But do we the people realize how bad things have become based on the choices we have made? There is an absolute imbalance of power in the ranks of the ministers. Even more so when Nazri Aziz says he is the minister of judges. Somehow it sounds bollocks. Ultimately this is what happens when we keep on voting for the wrong people and continue voting them for the years to come. Progress should not be on the shoulders of moronic and idiotic ministers.

Full report from the NST.

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