20 October, 2007

DUI: Problematic lifestyle.

The bunch above are far from being the Three Stooges. They are lawyers. Yup, those you pay to get you out of trouble with the so called law. Ex-prosecutors some of them are they have all the expertise you would need if you were to get into trouble with DUI charges especially. Although it is common fact that Drink & Drive is not a sound policy to put a spot for you in heaven. More like the otherwise would happen. But that is a different story.

So until you get called by god, the courts would have torn you to bits first. But if you would like to see another day of blissful beer chugging motoring wholesome fun, These are the blokes that you should pin up like mug-shots on your fridge. They could come in handy. Especially the 24/7 private consultation for Southern Californians.

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