19 October, 2007

For the integrity and competence of the Cabinet of Ministers.

All of us have heard the term "Audit" right? Perhaps it is high time that Ministers sit for periodic exams for compliance purposes. See if any of them are up to scratch on policies as well as the constitution. It makes perfect sense to have it. To point fingers at we have 2 ministers which repeatedly are incapable of the doing the list below:

1: To keep their mouths shut.
2: Think before thinking of speaking.
3: Study and bloody rehearse what needs to be said.
4: Telling the truth.
5: Holding their post with dignity and integrity.

Seriously JPA should consider to implement such a periodic examination for Ministers as to not make our country and it's administration parade like clowns in the eyes of the people and the world in general.

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fishtail said...

6. Stop blaming their political secretaries for factual errors in their thoughtless comments.