16 October, 2007

Half a million proposed for each "special" school.

It is a bid for a better education system. It is a bid for better graduates and an educated society. I agree that steps need to be taken to ensure all that. 10,000 schools nationwide and a hand-picked total of 60 schools only will be chosen. Tie each of these schools with a local university is a good thing too but RM 500,000 for each of them is proposed for their annual budget next year? Hmmm..... it's a bit unfair isn't it?

The intentions are noble in the highest degree but the execution is somewhat faulty here. After reading the report in NST I can't fathom what more blunder that could happen. The education system has fallen to the dogs. Survival to the fittest. Already the higher education system is very much loop sided. Now elementary schools has to fall victim to this too?

What sort of mechanism that is going to exist here will only profit a handful. Everyone knows the school supplies business is a handsome amount of money. Only if they know someone from the inside. That has been going on for awhile now. So with these 60 schools to be given "special" treatment especially in budget I don't see why bloodsuckers won't jump to this opportunity. Careful now Hishamuddin, you might be giving even more opportunity to people who loves and feeds on corruption. Unless well of course you are the head honcho already than all I can do is grieve for the children of this nation.

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moo_t said...

I bet the 500K not include the human resource. That's mean, the government has no intention to setup training center for special school. So at the end, those school will be usual Bolehland(TM) cosmetic : bloated expensive overprice hardware with inadequate human capital to maintain it.