06 October, 2007

I was bored and really didn't have the mood.

On any normal given day I could post as much as 6 articles on my blogs. This does not include the paid postings I do. But once in awhile one simply looses inspiration and motivation momentarily. Keeping up and maintaining a blog is not that easy you know, especially if one has more than one blog. Actively I have 2 while a few others I have well....sort of lost direction and purpose.

So during these high and dry times I chance upon some websites that puts the fun into surfing the world wide web. So it happened today with the discovery of a page on music quizzes. Owh, how I love music~! My other blog at www.achmedrauff.com covers them like a lot. Especially ones on the local hip-hop scene. So I started using my brains and see how much knowledge did I have in my hobby. I didn't fare that bad after all. Phew~ that is a relief.

Well of course Quibblo has more than quizzes on music alone. In fact they have quizzes enough to cover anyones fancy. Just as long it is not some sick morbid interest. Yeah I know, weired people exist these days. Anyway, dropping by their discussion forums is pretty interesting too. In fact it gave me a few ideas on what to write. Hmmm, now I have my blogging motivation up. Better get to it then. Before the ideas decides to dissappear.

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