26 October, 2007

Is Goh Tong really a great citizen?

I can't seem to agree what the media has been reporting. Of course we talk good of those who has just passed on to eternal life but to claim the Genting man a great citizen?

He is a well known philanthropist no doubt but at the same time he is a man which has made many people loose their money. The amount of trouble that his casino has caused other citizens of this country seems to be clouded by the fact that he gives out so much back to the community. But imagine if that casino was never built and he gave his riches for good cause from doing a different kind of business. Won't that be far better?

Regardless, gambling is never a good thing. Legalizing it is as good as allowing cocaine to be sold at night markets. I have never heard anyone say gambling is a good thing. Families go into crisis, loved ones are lost, husband and wife divorces, property sold off to pay debts and what about the many people who have died in accidents either on the way to the hilltop casino or just going home from it.

I am sorry for the loss that his family is suffering from but reality check here he also has brought a lot of misery to the people of this country who gamble their money away to only end up mostly in Goh Tang's bank account. In my opinion he was not really a good man or citizen.


Sophie said...

hi, u have good views.

but i feel somebody else would have built casino anyway if he had not done it. and there will always be underground casinos.

so it's better to legalize gaming activities and tax them, channeling money to social development causes.

ultimately, it's up to individuals to decide whether he or she should enter a casino. one should not blame the casino.


CY said...

I agree with Sophie's last para:

ultimately, it's up to individuals to decide whether he or she should enter a casino. one should not blame the casino.

maria said...

yes, no body force you to go in the casino...But Genting resort really a good place for break.

syafaris said...

but if there is a casino then eventually people will be lured into it out of curiosity ,but with these online casinos emerging in the net, people will always gamble anyway .

melvin,foong said...

Self control is what people don't have most of the time.

No one likes to blame themself for something, so they just push the blame on others.