02 October, 2007

Jolly holiday savings.

The season of giving is soon to be back again. There is Halloween then Thanksgiving then right at the end is Christmas. In Asia it gets even more exciting. Aidilfitri and early next year is Chinese New Year. So there is plenty of back to back events to celebrate. The expenditure of gifts should be more than the usual if not overwhelming.

I hear the buzz of wish lists. So many people wishes for so many stuff. Electronics seem to be the favourite this season. There is the new iPhone, the usual rush for gaming consoles and of course the latest offers in mobile computing. No sweat....there can still be savings~!

Thank God for couponchief.com because they have the best deals from many merchants. I just grabbed heaps worth of Dell stuff. There is also a bunch things I am getting for my self. Nordstrom shoes are really spiffy. I think I should get another pair since the shipping is free.

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