17 October, 2007

King MUST act on PM's advice.

Why can't the truth be told plain stark and simple that the Agong is a mere puppet? If the advice MUST be followed then it is not an advice now is it? So if it is not an advice what can we assume it to be? Order? That seems to be more accurate.

I am talking about a report in the NST on the extension of Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim as Chief Judge. As when investigations is still on going on the infamous Lingam Video, Nazri Aziz has to state this as a matter of important fact. Now, tell me if this is not an artificial limb reaching in on the procurement of judges in this country. It simply goes to show that the nominations and selection of judges are already high handedly predetermined by none other than the PM.

Let us assume that our PM is somewhat screwed somewhere in the upper regions. Thus his judgement on picking a critical judiciary component will be compromised. To solely place the selection of judges on one person itself is somewhat not right. To nullify the authority of the conference of rulers is in every way not right. So what makes our system right in the first place? Nothing.

But what can we do as the people? Simple....vote for someone other party the next time around. As for Nazri Aziz, the name it self makes my stomach turn and as for the PM he better be sane. Hopefully the wife screws him good and makes him happy. An unhappy man makes irrational decisions you know.

Full report in the NST.

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