22 October, 2007

Loose writer.

Makes me sound like urmmm....a whore. But it is an interesting point. Thank you non-supporter Marea. Whatever it is that you live by and believe it is entirely your right. Thus I have nothing to say about that. But your term and typifying me as a "Loose Writer" made me thought of something. Would it make a difference if I didn't read?

A claim that is obviously not though out. In fact I did read, everything and what makes me available to whoever it is that wants to shut me up and put me in my so called place. Yes, I am well aware of that. But again law is always based on interpretation anyway. So what makes whatever anyone says any right or wrong from what is in the books?

I got my reply from the varsity all right and as expected the appeal has been denied and the judgement stands. Sincerely I don't give a hoot about what they do behind those desks of theirs but paperwork is paperwork. Along came the letter from the varsity there is no proof whatsoever that the decision has been reached. Yes I am referring to the letter from the Ministry of Higher Education and from the minister himself. I wrote personally to the Minister with his name obviously on it and no reply on his behalf at all.

So this got me to thinking. Just a letter stating that my appeal has been turned down by the ministry is not enough. There was no copy of the letter from the ministry to the varsity notifying that the appeal has been rejected. For all I know no letter was even sent. Heck, how I would not know for sure do I?

So as a matter of me "loosely writing", I shall "loosely" write to both the minister as well as the varsity demanding that a certified copy of the letter from the ministry to the varsity is to be mailed to me as proof that such a decision has been reached. For in all their laziness I have the right to see those letters because it has my name on it. Simple check and balance....you wan't to claim something? Bring forth proof.

All I did was call the VC a FAT LYING PIRATE. Seriously, many would agree he looks the part too. I hope the old man's diet is working well after Aidilfitri celebrations. As for me? I am enjoying and proud of my life to be no longer associated to a mono-ethnic university.

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marco said...

yeah you don't belong there. but they are growing bigger and stronger, well..