03 October, 2007

Mobile marketing goes a step ahead.

Mobile content used to be just text messages. Plain...monotone...really dull. Now it has sms marketing, MMS, MP3 ringtones, wallpapers and even video content. Coupling this strong but subtle media marketing simply strategies simply reaches new heights.

Latest news? Even athletes are getting on the mobile marketing content bandwagon. Truth be told this would let fans access exclusive and rich content. Imagine watching that record breaking 3 point shots again and again on your mobile.Better yet watch your favourite player do that super dribble past all the opponents and hit the basket.

Who can offer all this? GoLive! Mobile has many rich content marketing solutions whatever it may be. The latest to jump on this mobile marketing bandwagon if Rich Franklin, yes THE American Fighter. He packs a punch and so does his marketing campaign with GoLive! Mobile technology.

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