31 October, 2007

Mr. Samy ~ Did you forget that mosquitos can bring deadly desease?

What is a coalition? It means a co-operation of two or more parties or individuals with a common cause. Now Samy Vellu obviously does not understand this as he takes a swipe at the People Progressive Party (PPP) by likened PPP to a mosquito.

Need I say here that Samy also forgets that Mosquitos also bring Malaria and Denggi so it is best that he watches out from now on. Already the famous hairline obsessed man keeps sputtering things out of context now he seems wanting to bring a riff of intimidation between component parties. What I can sincerely say is with over 30 years of politics Samy has not learned one bit and the times have changed just like his hairline but sadly his brains has stunted growth.

Full report in NST.

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