22 October, 2007

Nik Aziz: Smokers are like animals

I do not understand leaders these days. Why people in their stature have to resort to such vile discriminations of certain types of people in society. I do not question his intentions (which is good mind you) but the delivery seems to be off in many respects.

Calling people who support you animals indirectly seems to show that he might be of a higher being than the normal human. But since he is called as an Islamic leader that could not be used. Often I keep questioning the political secretaries. How come these types of statements are let out to the public. Surely there should be a more better way in saying it.

Perhaps I might be wrong. It is not their political secretaries fault. These leaders have their own brains too. But more is to be desired from their immaculate sense of wrong timing. Looks like leaders of both sides favour this tactic of referring the people to lesser beings. Makes me affirm my vote for the next elections, "I vote for none of the above".

Full report in the Star.

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Antares said...

Arf arf. Mee-oow. Quack-quack. Oink-oink. Moooooooooo. Maaaaaa-aa-aa. Rooooaaarrrr. I luurve animals and am proud to be one! When was the last time you met a hypocritical elephant or a two-faced gnu? Know any baboons with bad taste? Only genetically deformed mind-controlled lifeforms like Homo sapiens (don't make me laugh) use ideology and religion to manipulate and oppress their own kind - and send other people's kids off to kill or die in cynical wars.
Even a sewer rat has more dignity and integrity than your average Umno politician. As for Nik Aziz, the poor fool suffers from terminal foot-in-mouth disease - just ignore him.