16 October, 2007

Oddities: Skin art lovers

Lots and lots and lots....of weird hobbies exists these days. And as the saying always reminds us so often, "Birds a feather flock together". Well, that is true for birds as well as us humans. Funny how they come up with these saying sometimes. But I know for sure birds do not have tattoos but they do have different displays of extravagance to attract a mate.

Perhaps that is how tattoo dating goes about doing urmmm....painful attraction. Yet, there should not be a reason why tattoo lovers can't get to know others with the same skin deep hobby. There are tattoo personals which cater to the mild and extravagant tattoo aficionados. All they need is a good chance and like a colourful tattoo blossom into a blissful relationship. No matter if it does not workout, the important thing is being friends.

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