29 October, 2007

Pak Lah realizes ther we (Malays) complain a lot.

It must be a glorious Monday. Hence this piece of news article caught my eye. Our lovely PM notices that his own race complains a lot and keep pressuring the government to give more than what Malay business ventures can give back. Well, he might be slow but at least he notices.

Now, I do hope that he also come to a realization what is the true cause of all this complaints. No, certainly not tardy government services or badly drafted policies. It is the many incentives, discounts, rebates, special treatment tha comes along with the so called special rights of the Malays.

Sometimes the rakyat don't really know what they are asking. Sometimes the government don't know what they are doing. So what the rest of us should be doing is smack the old man once in awhile to wake him up from a daze of his whirlwind job description to recalibrate it for the good of this nation.

Full source of report from NST.

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Anonymous said...

Yup, the child complains. Who is to blame? Solely the parents is to blame.

The whole family is screwed. Some members of the family is screwed by the other members.

These members end up leaving. The remaining kids don't give a shit. They just want their contracts and wage raises , and is prepared to close one eye to the billions being pilfered in exchange.