31 October, 2007

Places of worship not torn down depends if leaders make an appearence.

This is some repugnant shit. Seriously~ I would like to bash all parties for this. One~ Why did FRU had to use force? Second~ MBPJ and MBSA are known to have such ass holes as enforcers. Third politicians are such pricks. Yes of course I am pissed. So pissed that I feel revolted by the action of such an organized crime.

Crime? Yes crime? Tearing down and destroying anything that is not your is a crime right? Regardless if the land that it stands on is not owned by that person or community but you have to consider that destruction of private or public property is a crime.

And to be just and fair why is the Hindu Temple spared? Why was the Surau destroyed? Simple....the Hindu Temple is still standing because the leader of the Indians came down to protect them. What about the Malays? Nothing? Ziltch? Even the Adun didn't come down. What makes that so farking great of the Adun not to come but a Minister by the name of Samy Vellu can come down for his people.

From that rises another question, Mr. Samy is a minister that represents the government. The government is chosen by the people. Thus effectively Mr. Sammy should protect not only his fellow Indian machas but also the abang2 and adik2 of other races. But no....that did not happen.

There are ways to solve things...in this case this is certainly not the correct way. Although this community was living on government land illegally but they do pay for other services and other taxes when purchasing. I bet you too that some did go out to vote~ At least treat humans like humans. Not like some herd of brainless herbivores.

I wish for a lot of changes. I want those changes made. I want justice, peace, respect and harmony for all races. Lets start by fixing what we did wrong in the past and that was to vote for an incompetent bunch of fools such as Mr. Sammy....protects his party members but calls his own component brothers mosquitoes. And where is UMNO in all this? Still in Terengganu is it? Chasing millions in project tenders for ECER while back home your village folks loose the roof that shelters them from the sun and rain. One word~ POOrekii~!!!

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Anonymous said...

The police & S.V. are arseholes, but WTF are you talking about?

A 100+ year old Hindu temple got torn down illegally. People got stabbed and threatened with automatic rifles. Even the lawyers that tried to lodge a report.. were freaking ARRESTED instead.


This is not about race. Stop comparing suraus or temples.

They are tearing everything down, and they are being fucking heartless assholes about it!

diehard said...

oi stupid . its not a 100 year temple la ..its a 30 years old temple la ..you built the temples not on your land.