03 October, 2007

Police report made against the Media for false reporting on Nurin's case.

From the NST.

KUALA LUMPUR: Minutes after Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee sought the media's help in publishing the photofits, he dropped a bombshell.
He calmly announced that police had lodged a report against the media for “false reporting” over the Nurin case.

Wan expressed his disappointment at the way the media had covered the case even though police had not issued any official statements or given details.

It is learnt that the report was lodged at the Petaling Jaya police station on Monday by a senior officer.

No media was singled out but the complaint stated that several false reports had been published. It also stated that the reports cited unnamed sources.
Later, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan, when asked about the report, said: “This is what happens when there is false reporting.

“We know when to inform the press if there is progress in the case.

“Don't jump the gun and if reporters keep doing this, it will land them in trouble.”

Last week, Musa said investigations into the Nurin case were two-pronged.

One was to solve the murder and the other, to establish if Nurin's parents had been negligent, which resulted in her abduction.

There was an outcry from readers and various parties who said police should concentrate on finding the killer and not further distress the parents.

It is not known if police have made a case yet against the parents.

Hmmmm.....I guess they (the media) should have seen it coming. It is common knowledge that newspapers and especially tabloids have to get THE elusive story so THEY can sell more copies. Perhaps it is the "Whatever it takes" attitude and when that comes into play even dubious sources such as the Makcik selling nasi lemak overhearing some conversation can be accepted as a "source". Tsk tsk tsk. Desperate huh?

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