23 October, 2007

Rock that cart~!

What is a shopping cart software? Well we all know what is a shopping cart. A cart usually made of iron or aluminum with wheels at four corners that you push around a store to fill it up with stuff that you want to purchase. It makes the shopping experience more convenient and faster. For the store owner it means more sales since you can carry more things in a cart than with your two hands.

Same concept for a shopping cart software. But instead for a normal store it is applied to an online store. A sort of virtual store which you go through on the net. I just keeps everything you want to purchase in a neat list with other specifications for that particular product stored. When you are done you just need to proceed to a check out like any normal store and pay for your purchase. Simple ain't it? No need to bother the detailed workings of it, just as long you know that whatever you picked up and paid for is delivered to you withing the stipulated time.

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