08 October, 2007

Sungai Pelek, Sepang: Robbers and Gangsters with hatchets.

This is a little known town. But little as it may be, there are still people staying there. The economic pulse of this area is still oil palm plantations that line the roads from the International Sepang F1 circuit all the way to Bagan Lalang beach.

Only one police Station and Fire Station serves this little town that spans an area of 20KM square. Yes they do have the HQ but its a good distance away. Now why am I lamenting about this place you ask?

First, their police force stationed there is under man powered. House break-ins happen too often. Even robbing at knife point has happened more than a few occasions. Yet...no cops doing rounds. Why? Perhaps they are waiting for someone to be murdered there.

Why does my title state gangsters as well? Because there simply is. One of the hardest hit areas is Pantai Sepang Putra. Houses have been broken into, people got robbed in front of their homes at knife point, suspicious groups of people roam around the area way pass midnight and personal property vandalised or destroyed.

Now if there is anything anyone could do it should be the popo. If they can't do jack shit~ It will might as well be another JB. Let me give you lazy popo a lead....residents are forced to pay so called fees for security services by a private firm. Not doing so seems to result in a prompt destruction of property.

Hmmmm...don't take my word for it. Investigate it for god's sake. Reports? The residents have made a lot. They are just getting fed up....calling for cops won't make a squad car coming but a simple reply "Datang esok ke balai, kami tak cukup tangan". Now is that the people's bloody problem?


Jhakira said...

That's why la. The residents must sabar sikit. Must sacrifice sikit. FOR THE SAKE OF THE FIRST MALAYSIAN TO FAST IN SPACE KOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can't lose a few thousand bucks or suffer a few broken windows, you're an unpatriotic biatch for not supporting our RM95 million angkasawan. Who ask the residents there not to vote properly, kan.

Anonymous said...

Penduduk kat sana nak Sports Center kat UK, atau nak lebih anggota polis?

Nak RM100 juta Merdeka celebration, atau nak rasa selamat

Nak tengok semua menteri-menteri naik S-class dan duduk kat rumah di Bkt Damansara (berapa gaji seorang menteri hah?) ke tidak?

Korbanlah sikit untuk gahmen kita.

cloneraheeeem said...

luu stupid la ..lu fuck up the police but yet when something happens u call the police . ask your friends to take action la,don't ever bother to call the popo la..becoz u hate the popo..stupid dropout .

Rauff said...

note the difference....dropout and kicked out. One is caused by the inability to score the grades....while the other is caused by the incompetent crony system refusal to clean up their acts.

God is great. I am still alive and kicking.

Rauff said...

Note: Sepang is a BN held seat.