19 October, 2007

Super Deal: Get detained by ISA today and be eligible for cash prizes~!

I don't know if it has ever happened before. But this dude is one lucky man. Abdul Malek Hussin was detained under the ISA in 1998 without being a clear reason as to what was he arrested for. Well, I bet at that point in time he felt he was the most unluckiest man in the country. But now he is RM2.5 million richer~!

But again, he should be a very smart man since somehow with all the lack of trust and confidence in the Judiciary somehow perhaps a tiny hope remains. Then again I might be wrong to assume that way. Corruption may work in so many ways. I find it also amusing that the court clearly states that the detention was political in nature and not in concern for National safety. Errr....since when is ISA NOT used for some moron's political advantage?

Anyway, to En. Abdul Malek Hussin all the best to you and put that money to good use. Your kids looks to have a very able and promising education future. Bravo~!

Full report in NST.

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melvin,foong said...

ISA come catch me .. kih kih kih :P