29 October, 2007

Thank you gracious Google.

Amidst the frustration of many, especially the commercial bloggers out there I was almost on ends worried on my pagerank. But Alhamdulillah, after finally not really bothered of what the pagerank to this blog will or would be like and concentrate on better content I think Bullets of Quills and Ink has been given due credit.

Previously a PR3 after just 6 months of set up of this blog now about a year later it is a healthy PR4. Of course I am very happy about this, all the more when this blog is not intended that much for commercial value. But a sound and due recognition by Google could potentially subsidize my venture into more commercial content on my dot com which in fact has jumped from a PR0 to a PR 2.

Hopefully more better days are coming since 2007 is coming nearer to a close. Especially on a political front. Insa'allah and Thank You for those who read and are supporters of Nationalism.

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