23 October, 2007

Those who has old IC like me are eligible to vote in next GE.

HEheh...looks like the ruling party is actually desperate for votes. With those of us Malaysians who are yet to change to the MyKad (I have not changed mine) will still be hoped for to give in the crucial votes that BN needs in the next GE. Knowing BN can be too confident at times, it goes to show that the pressure is on them so as not to deny the ten of thousands that have yet to get a MyKad.

Personally I don't really fancy the MyKad since it is rigid like an ATM card and spoils easily. On top of that I don't see the security features are that great anyway and most of us still prefer the old laminated driving licence. I'll change to a MyKad once the elections are over I suppose although I dread going to public service offices.

Thanks in no part to Nazri Aziz for giving out the statement to the media today.

Full report in NST.

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cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Well, actually its not that bad at all. Take the Pendaftaran office in Kota Damansara for example, they're rather friendly and efficient. But just because I said so, don't you go running there now. Your delaying making the new IC makes more sense than not. Unfortunately, I did not have that, sense, that is...then.

Still, I would advise to check your status with SPR. Who knows, all off a sudden you might be a voter on Layang Layang islands? :)