25 October, 2007

Thursday shorts: Too sick to blog that much.

This will be posting number 800. To commemorate that is a hell of a stomach ache which I had since yesterday. Thank you Darulsalam SS15 Subang for not cooking your sambal properly. Thank you also for making my boss really upset as to why I am MIA. Anyways, that old man should chill a bit. I have delivered all my work and all I do is waste precious bandwidth surfing the net at the office.

To sum up what has been going on in this beloved country of mine....
Another girl is missing now this happenend in Georgetown, Penang. Is it the elusive Nurin murderer? Everyone is guessing it is but this time it is not some "Have you seen my cat?" story. This girl went out to by a VCD and bare in mind that she has no VCD player or even electricity at her house. Puzzling it is.

ACA has gone full swng in nabbing and investigating cases of corruption. Big or small the amount it does not matter they claim that they will nab them all. The leftist will think that this is a ploy of the ruling party to gather the waning support for the next GE. Some say that the GE will be in March next year. Sheesh...more speculations but with recent activities no doubt that it is near.

Ceiling fan falls on two kids in school. And these kids are like only 7 years old~! Poor them. Damn the school though. Well, can't really blame the school as yet. But how else can a fan fall off the ceiling if the maintenance schedule has not been kept? So we can blame the school right? What else could happen? More attention need to be paid in protecting the safety of the country's most valuable asset. Certainly some investigation is being done.

Now, in a bizarre accident....flying diesel tank from a lorry hit 2 school girls who were on the way to school. One escaped death while the other was announced dead at Klang GH. I can't imagine the horror of seeing a flying diesel tank hurling towards you in a split second. Simply...terrifying.

I should really get to my medications now. Dehydrated like the Sahara.

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