02 October, 2007

Tuesday: So not full of surpirses.

The suspects are freed and only left with that simcard in the lady's bowels plus that video they said is to be sent to the States for so called "enhancement". Can believe meh? I don't know. I don't know what to believe anymore. Nurin's death has effectively effected the whole country in a way that perhaps even if a Minister dies we would not go boohooo over.

Among many other things is the various new shopping outlets that has already opened or soon to be. The Gardens, Pavillion, Sunway Pyramid 2. This should cause more joy for those who had their pay raise recently. The rest of s might just have to wait till God knows when. Also the fad of Bursa Pursuit (online stock game). I signed up for it. Currently doing fairly good... at least I am in the top thousand.

Sammy Vellu promise a new year gift which we wish we can refuse. Yes, toll going up once again. I guess the various tax relief in the new budget does not make much of a difference anyway. Suffice to say...we are just simply back to square one.

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