18 October, 2007

Voter relocation: SPR has fire up the ass.

Walking into a petrol station this morning to get a box of chocolate milk I caught the front page report from Berita Harian. As soon I reached the office I turned on the PC and went to Berita Harian Online. Yup, clear as it is the title read "SPR dedah penyelewengan".

That is it we are really f**cked now. Corruption is in every single system there is in the government as well as it's affiliated organization to supposedly protect public interest. The best bit? No action has been taken against the Assistant Registrar for unauthorised relocation of voters.

At least there is no more suspicion. It is in plain sight. If one has been caught, I bet there are a few of them involved. On what basis would an idiot do something out of the norm of their responsibilities if it does not give "extra" benefits? So will an independant investigation body be set up? Will the monarch interfere this time? Or will it all be the snoring "I don't know" and sweep the issue under the rug acting?

Full report on Berita Harian.

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KY said...

independent panel, that thing exists? lol