23 October, 2007

Water waste: Stop that leak


The most abundant resource on earth after sunlight. But managing it seems to be a habit of reluctance sometimes. Often taking it for granted it is a very valuable resource that could take the best of us if not properly managed. Millions of gallons per day are wasted worldwide just from one cause alone....leaky faucets or Taps.

Simple DIY maintenance ensures that no wastage occurs but somehow again we take things for granted and leave it off to another day. Taps should be serviced at least once a year and any parts that are worn should be replaced. Online stores like Taps4Less dot com. Thousands of products that concerns the use of water can be found. From normal taps to bathtubs and jacuzzi. They even have those electronic taps that dispenses water like magic. Definitely water saving cisterns, taps and shower heads are available so you can save the world's natural resources for the generations after yours too~!

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