12 October, 2007

When can we have our own Nobel Peace Prize winner?

Guess what...Al Gore is in the running. Just because he made that documentary on Global Warming. But is that all it takes to be in the running? Define peace realistically today and what it really stands for. I figure that there is no such thing. Why? Because peace is a concept that does not exist in reality but more of a state of mind.

Imagine what the world would be if it has been peaceful all along. There would be many things that we enjoy today that won't be around. Nuclear energy for instance or what about rockets, air planes, medicine, even the internet. All won't exist if the world was not in turmoil in one way or the other. But my question is don't we have anyone in this country that is worthy to be mentioned along side a Nobel Peace Prize?

With the determination and wild ideas by the past and present PMs none actually thought that contesting for the NPP is something we should at least win once. Nope, we have to build the tallest building, send the national car to the freezing cold, climb that highest mountain, send one fella into space and perhaps there would be ideas to shoot a national car into orbit just for the heck of it.

Everything requires something in the lines of going higher and further. Why not come back down to earth for awhile and think about it. We should be working towards getting accolades of international recognition. The Nobel Peace Prize, I think that should be Malaysia's next mission.


vhanded said...

In my opinion, Nobel prize is for mankind, not for single country, they got the prize is to let other people realize the important of the discover. Like global warming, everyone can solve it, yes, everyone, and if only everyone.

Anonymous said...

In case you didn't know, our beloved Tun Dr. Mahathir was nominated for the same award this year for being a champion of the third world countries.

Guess global warming plus Al Gore is more life changing than that..

maverick said...

yeah mahathir was nominated this year, same category for the nobel peace award, and i guess this already a good start

Trashed said...

I think there potential for Malaysians in the following areas :-

a) the person who can save the Kg Kuantan firefly colony, a natural heritage of the world and one of the two largest in the world.

b) the person who can bring back the leatherback turtle to Terengganu beaches to save the species from extinction

c) the late Tan Sri Dr BC Sekhar for pioneering the commercialisation of recycling old rubber tyres thru the Green Rubber Group (now run by his son)