08 October, 2007

Whistle blower will be given protection.

Nice big picture. Very nice big picture....of Nazri Aziz. Even if Nazri Aziz is in fact the most good looking minister on earth I would not be really amused to see his picture first thing in the morning. But what is there for me to do? Just ignore the chap's picture of an immature minister.

Yes, he has given the assurance that the whistle blower will be given protection by the government. But the 3 men investigative team is not given any. Why is that so? As how and what falls under which jurisdiction seems all to complicated. But many events have been just incomprehensible. Since when anything ever makes sense?

I have the highest confidence that our ministers are very much capable of making themselves look stupid without taking even quarter of an effort of a buffoon. Already Nazri has made his point. But to insinuate PKR? He is a minister at the time of giving out the statement since it concerns National interest. Not an UMNO politician (They only give out gifts nearing raya). In my common gumption that was a cheap shot. I reckon this week will be cheap shot week. Nazri has done it.... read further into the NST and you can observe that Najib too did it. Perhaps I'll write about that one later.

Full report from the NST.

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