04 October, 2007

Will the accounts to this purchase disappear as well?

From the NST

Ministry to buy 12 new copters to replace Nuri
By : Eileen Ng

KUALA LUMPUR: The Defence Ministry plans to purchase 12 utility helicopters with search and rescue capabilities.
They will replace the Royal Malaysian Air Force's aging Nuri helicopters.

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said tenders were likely to be called after the Hari Raya celebration this month.

He said the new helicopters would “progressively” replace the Nuri fleet.

“All eligible companies can bid for it,” he said after launching a book titled Your Rights and the Law, authored by the ministry's judge advocate general Teo Say Eng.
Since the Nuri began its service in 1968, there have been 15 accidents in which 70 members of the armed forces and 19 civilians had died.

The July 13 crash at Genting Sempah, which killed all six passengers and crew, prompted the ministry to look into possible replacements for the Nuri.

The accident occurred as the Nuri was travelling from the Kuala Lumpur air base in Sungai Besi to the Kuantan air base.

It went off radar 10 minutes after taking off from Sungai Besi and was found five days later in a 300-metre deep ravine, 5km from Genting Sempah.

All six on board - pilot Capt Nor Azlan Termuzi; co-pilot Capt Nor Intan Asykeen Mohd Arof, 27; flight sergeants Khusnizam Ariffin, 34, and Mohd Azmie Md Yassin, 35; senior airman Saifulizam Alias, 28; and airman Muhammad Ridzuan Ahmad, 27 - died in the crash.

An inquiry into the crash found no evidence of mechanical failure. Bad weather, low visibility because of thick fog and the hilly landscape were said to have contributed to the crash.

Now this is the 2 sen question being sold at RM2000. Will the records of this procurement be shredded as well?

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