23 October, 2007

You should think like a Malaysian Pak Lah.

So, I can be fined RM50K for insulting this country's leaders. Behind a mask of a so called democratic country the administration hides and the sly and cunning rob the country off it's funds for personal gains.

Technical books priced as over RM10k? How stupid was the person approving the purchase in the first place. Goes to confirm that what idiots are holding what positions in the public service. Even when a peaceful march was held to hand in a petition on the enquiry of the Lingam tape some ass hole decides why not call a few lawyers for police questioning.

Now this has to be the joke of the day. Why Pak Lah says these things also I have no have no idea. "Think as Malaysians. Not Malay, Chinese or Indian" Duh~ First and foremost for 50 years the mindset has been practised throughout your party's rule. Do you think any of us asked to be treated differently just because we are pimped to be coloured as such?

For as long as the Malays think they are entitled to "Special Rights" that is how long that people of this land will always think about their colour. All the mechanisms that clearly does not put every soul in this country on a level playing ground could and should be abolished. I am talking about levelling it down....not level it up. Get rid of that 5% discount on property. Forget about the many boarding schools specifically for Malay kids. Tear down or build on top of the mono-ethnic university so it can be benefited by all that are born Malaysian and not just born Malay.

More and more as time pass by the more absurd matters become. What is with the tactics of the ruling party? Just because elections are coming we have so called announcements of good dividend payouts. EPF is said to be offering a higher dividend and so the same is speculated for ASB and other PNB products. What a subtle way of bribery. What is the ruling party trying to do? Buy our votes so all of us could contribute more to their coffers while no substantial progress can be made on the social front?

Of the 25 years of my life, I have never felt even more jilted this year compared to the past 24 years combined. It is simple Pak Lah, unless you are indeed blissfully asleep there are some just simply taking advantage on how bloody gullible you are. People on the street calls you "Lembik". The many proof that you doze off in events does not bode well for your future really. Yeah of course your ass is on fire but you wanted the hot seat in the first place. So live with it and do something tangible. Owh, and for your information the message should not only go to students but to you and your merry men as well. Think Malaysian not by political party. Kapish?

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