28 November, 2007

So Hindraf rally has undergrads. Bersih rally didn't have any kah?

The lashing of undergraduates who participated in the recent spate of rallies in my opinion does not make sense. Well lets set aside if the rallies were illegal. Lets just say that both rallies were legal and were granted permits. Under AUKU, any rally is a NO WAY for undergrads. But what if they are above 21 and are indeed registered voters? That would mean they have civil rights don't they?

Nope, not in this country it seems. The passing of law in this country it seems to be put the people under as much control as possible. There is the infamous ISA, then the registrar of societies after that there is AUKU to control freedom of speech and opinions of undergraduates.

There is control at every level to monitor and punish the people for anything that goes against the governments wishes. Well I might be wrong but I do have good points to argue on. Why is that the issue of undergraduates taking part in the Hindraf rally get a shake up to expel the undergrads if any were found taking part in them but nothing is heard so far in those participated in the Bersih rally?

What about the undergraduates that join youth arm of what ever ruling party and they take active roles within these parties and organize naturally something that is politically inclined and still not get the boot from their alma matter? Being in one side makes one invisible from the law while another will make you pay for defiance is it?

I don't really give the hoot on what is the real agenda the opposition has in both rallies recently. But basic rights is still basic rights regardless if they are undergrads, high school kids or even those who never went to school. But in terms of enforcement it has never been consistent. Now that is to blamed solely on those who enforces them. Favourites will not be touched but those who appose gets the boot off their right for education. Wont that make matters worse?

Survey results a good gift for Pak Lah?

The survey SPR did on the people's confidence on the government is said to be a good birthday gift for Pak Lah. I am not really sure if I would be happy to get stacks of survey results on my birthday if it reads anything less than 80%. However looking at the recent state of things it could have been worse. So good is actually great here.

There is still uncertainty in the air. What we all like to know is that how much rise in the cost of living is expected and would the recent raise that the civil servants got be sufficient? Plus workers of the private sector can be very worried too~ Although business has been fairly good but the increment can be only marginal. Even Maybank employees did a picket at Maybank's HQ.

Pak Lah has pacified the civil servants, but what can be done for the people who are in the private sector? Some might get the good money but majority are paid really low~ This is based on my own experience as well as asking my friends who has just graduated from their degrees. Starting pay is always below RM2000.

So we have the developments in the northern and southern landscapes. Foreign investors are pouring in to set up shop here and perhaps the standard of living will rise. Certainly there would be many left that could not afford to even pay for rent. Alright, so what else can the 68 year old Prime Minister do for the people? I suggest call for elections as soon as possible. The confidence should be spiking after reading the survey right?

Education Seminar passes good resolutions to solve indicipline.

Some may laud the caning of girls in school as not proper. But the argument is sometimes the cases that involves girls are sometimes even more severe than boys. That pretty much justifies that caning girls will be dependent on how severe the offences are. Pure, simple, logical.

One thing that parents may disagree is the band of handphones. Well, there are the pro and con to this move. Parents are ultimately concern over their kids and with the crime rates that results school kids being the victim perhaps these handphones are to be use to call for help when the need arises. However, being kids they will misuse it~ I think kids sends over a hundred sms a month.

So would kids be more disciplined after this? We'll have to just wait and see.

27 November, 2007

Hindraf demands could spark civil unrest.

For the love for this country Hindraf does not seem to care much about the rest of the people but themselves. Their long list of demands could cause grave rifts in between us all. It touches all aspects of civil living and the core values of Malaysians.

I spoke to a few fellow bloggers as well as some party members of both side of the camp. Their opinion is just the same~ Both sides are concerned...and these are grass root leaders who are very much closer to the members. It is understood that certain rights could not just simply be abolished. The implications of such demands if it were to be granted would make our economy worse and we would all be done for.

Sincerely, things are not getting better if the authorities, ruling parties as well as the opposition are not working together to educate and control these demands in the proper manner. Peaceful rallies are acceptable but once a crowd turns unruly in the street even when one stone is thrown that will spark a riot.

Nothing can be solved in anger. What Hindraf has so far spurred not only causes concern by the other races but the Indians themselves are scared for their well being if anything bad were to happen. If they cant control their members it would serve them right to be arrested. I have to agree that public order is priority number one~ Once the streets is filled with chaos and a state of emergency is called military rule is certain to take effect. That rips every single right that we have away and nothing can be done to solve things~

Please, please, please fellow citizens, brothers and sisters of Malaysia.... all of us know that we are far better than that. State of emergency will strip us the rights to vote until public confidence and order is restored.

26 November, 2007

Klang put in Emergency State. (Updated)

I just called a friend in Klang 10 minutes ago. It seems that a bunch of Lawyers have been arrested caught marching to the courts in Klang. Thus he claims that orders have been given that Klang is in state of emergency of some sort and it is best that no one stay out in the open.

So if there is anyone out there in Klang and do know anything about it please report on what is the status. Apparently the info I got was that the streets are locked down and it took my friend's mother like four hours to get from Tmn. Sri Andalas to Klang Parade.


This is the latest update I got from my Indian friends in Klang. The three lawyers detained were released on bail yesterday but one of them decided to stay and starve himself in protest. Well that is his choice, I have to respect that. Anyhow it was not much a state of emergency but it almost became one. Apparently the police had a helicopter at the scene and at one point it was hovering very low in the effort to disperse the crowd.

The result? Low flying helicopters in urban areas creates lots of turbulence and practically blows everything below it violently if not away. This got the people below very cross and from what I heard they retaliated in ways that could possibly make the helicopter crash over them if their luck runs out. Now, this seems to be a serious case of negligence by the police if it is true as well as the public acting pretty much unruly and very emotional.

But I can't certify all that I heard to be entirely accurate. So far nothing in the media has been published on the incident. So it would be best that we'll wait and see if there was any media coverage on the matter or some video recorded the incident uploaded on Youtube.

Again police brutality is questioned. Hindraf is left more than wounded.

Pretty staple reports a day after a protest rally. The first few things that will be raised is police brutality. But in this case the police have given ample warning and the proper approvals for arresting protesters have been made more than public. So what can be said for those injured in the Hindraf rally?

Hindraf has to realize there are ways to get things done which they did not follow. Being stubborn will not work with an even more stubborn government. But it is the government's responsibility to ensure public order in general. Plus would the Queen of England give a damn?

I watched the video by Reuters. The police still could have treated humans more humanely. Procedures of arrest should not include dragging stubborn protesters like stray dogs. But Hindraf did not control their supporters too...burning buses? What the hell! That is simply unacceptable. Owh, and where is the said memo? I didn't read anywhere that it was handed over...owh wait was it faxed over? Wow~ all the trouble just to send a fax. Well done Hindraf.

25 November, 2007

Hindraf defeated. Sentiments survey done by SPR favours current government.

This time around the government won. What is expected to be a grand rally seemed to be washed out. With that Hindraf might have made a grave error in executing their plans. However I bet a level of awareness for Indians in this country has rose a fair bit. Even a new Indian political party was launced named Malaysian Indian United Party led by Datuk K.S. Nallakaruppan of ex-PKR. Adding one more to the ranks of parties under BN. How would this new party fair is yet to be known but as always what is written down as the purpose is usually very positive.

I don't want to peel on what went wrong for Hindraf. But let me state this, if and only if things were taken one step at a time it should have been a bit more successful. Gung ho only works in cowboy movies. Still I do think that there is a good point to strive for. Better luck next time Hindraf, there will be more chances in the future I hope.

Good timing for SPR to publish their survey on the people's sentiment on the current government. But only if the past survey done was published side by side would we the people would know what the results of the survey is quantifiable for. The difference of support is not that wide a gap now as it was before I bet. The government is loosing a few points at best but it is all pretty positive as the people are more aware of their surroundings.

Going over the graphs upon graphs the numbers reflects that we have indeed matured. But it's not enough to make the opposition jump with glee and celebration that they have a hope in taking over after the coming elections or even a few more for that matter. Process of change is indeed slow but we are making progress in terms of mentality and thinking.

Most are concern over corruption, the high crime rate and especially the worry of price hikes next year. These are the 3 main issues that needs to be addressed. I bet my money on it the the coming election campaign will primarily be just about that. Both the opposition and the ruling party will use it to the fullest to market what they are able to offer.

What is our responsibility? Simply listen and use our brains to think collectively and work around the obstacles with finesse. No doubt plenty of tip toe issues but it's not as if we have never done that before. I am still going to be skeptical of what will be promised. But I have to say, this year the opposition has worked very hard to make some serious check and balance. Overall I am impressed. The ruling party has received so much pressure compared to yesteryears and they are feeling the punch and bruises. It serves to be a wake-up call to those that have been asleep for so long. I just hope they wake up in time and buck up. Or else, the next next elections will see them all scrambling for air.

24 November, 2007

Mass arrest possible. I suggest march at more than one location.

Counting down to a few events this weekend. First is the A1 Sepang race is this weekend, Fly FM 2nd birthday celebrations and the Hindraf march. To your best judgement which one will effect another the most? You are absolutely smart if you say Hindraf. I understand the march is for a justifiable cause. In fact, I support the cause to fight for rights and demand for some compensation for all the Indians. But lets face it, the government has it's scuba underpants up it's ass and they don't like it too much.

Some bigots say it is not our culture to protest and be walking the streets. But it seems "they" can walk the streets and their permit will be approved on the spot provided you fly a certain flag. But why lah? Simple we are actually walking back towards the time when the British ruled the land. Kinda fucked up actually.

We can blame them (British) to what has become of us today. Our prejudice against other races, the various name calling was all started by persistent planting of rhetoric by the British in the media then. This it is still there until today but now practised by the ruling parties.

Do we know openly there was 2 Constitutions debated before independence? One has most demands made by the people and this included all other parties not under the coalition and the other one was notoriously called UMNO's Constitution. Guess which one the British accepted? UMNO of course.

I am glad to say that whatever that will happen this weekend is very much our culture. Protest and mass assemblies of the people demanding their rights has been a pretty staple thing for 10 years before Merdeka. If it was not for public gatherings, protests, peaceful marches it would not have propelled this country to independence in the first place.

Sadly we have not entirely achieved independence. The people is not UMNO or BN. It is just a representation and we know that representations can be wrong. Personally, UMNO should not gloat too much....even their flag design has the background snitched from a party in the late 40's called PKMM. They just smacked a yellow circle and the green kris to call it their own. PKMM left the coalition of the Malay parties based on their principles was compromised. And they fought for independence and a people's constitution with the help of others.

So, by all means march. March everywhere else except in front of the British counsel. March in front of every British company, march in front of every ex missionary school, march in front of every British built churches and march all the way to parliament. If ever the Indians need a representation it should be by the government they voted for. If the government refuse to fight for the very citizens they counted their votes on than we know who are the real traitors.

Britain will surely not entertain what Hindraf is claiming. Simply because if the charge is not mooted by one country to another in the international courts than they won't risk much. Instead all of us here are at loss since protesters will be arrested on sight. Mind you, this is regardless if the march goes on as peacefully and as docile as a sleeping kitten.

So those who are not willing to be arrested just stay away from KL this weekend. And those wanting to march to the British Counsel it would be best to march some place else. Basically make the police's balls shrink in their blue hues for they will have crowd control problems if the Hindraf march is at various locations in KL. So march on because it is how politics started in this land anyway. The prats running the country forgets about history.

23 November, 2007

I blame the Government for loss of man hours.

It is ridiculous~ utterly irresponsible as well as purely selfish. This street protest is on Sunday for friggin' sake why the roadblocks starts on Friday? Yea yea I hear the million and one reasons. To breakdown the rally lah, this lah and that lah. But seriously, if all is done and managed well than would people and organizations take to the streets to voice their displeasure?

Now businesses blames the protestors for the loss of revenue. Well, that is surely comforting. Loss man hours to means deductions from pay or leave. now that is a waste isn't it? I was caught in a jam this morning and because of idiotic police chit-chatting next to the cones they set up I lost 1 hour worth of my pay.

But should I point my loss of income is in fact the doing of the protest that is to take place on a bloody Sunday? No, I want to blame the government. One for being ignorant to the needs of the people and the second for using the rally as an excuse that it is the cause of all misery for the past 2 weeks. That is simply bollocks.

Police conducting roadblocks....and literally that is all that they do. They don't check every single vehicle. They don't place more than 6 morons at each roadblock and half of them will be sitting under a big ass umbrella and the other half will be too busy laughing and cracking jokes, answering their hand phones and smoking. In other word hey just set it all up to be of inconvenience to the people.

I wonder if the Police have any brains or not. Being puppets to stand next to cones is as good as just placing real mannequins in police uniforms. How any more stupid can that get? Plus I got held up and an hour of my pay gets deducted. For everyday I get held up in traffic for roadblocks the idiotic popo sets up on stupid instructions from the bugger government I shall deduct my hourly pay off the income tax payable to compensate for my loss. Owh...and I shall not vote for BN in the coming GE. I be better off voting for goats. At least I know goats wont instruct for roadblocks, they be manning it themselves.

22 November, 2007

You are crazy~! No I am not, YOU are~!!!

This is what I call a ping-pong battle. Lingam says his brother is a loose nut and bolt and his brother denies it and accuses Lingam of being involved in judiciary corruption. From just a silent war, looks like it looks set to be a very vocal one.

This puts a new twist in the term of sibling rivalry. Now it is all confusing. On the surface credibility is not V. Thirunama Karasu (Lingam brother) side. His brother claims to have proof that Thiruma is a mental suicidal patient. But come to think of it if someone is threatened to the core of their balls who wont crumble under the pressure and perhaps even turn looney?

Bare in mind that this goes as long back as 1998. People can go all looney in less than a year given extreme mental pressure. Anyway a lawyer like Lingam certainly has plenty of resources to get the pieces together and certify anyone looney. So I don't see Lingam could easily dismiss his brother's claim. At least the chap will have to go through a lot of trouble.

21 November, 2007

Bersih wants 21 days for campaign before GE is nonsense.

I don't pick sides. Lets put that fact straight. Both sides have to admit that sometimes both sides can be really dumb, reckless, inconsiderate and lack common gumption at one point or another. I bet my money on it if Bersih wants a transparent election. Now that is really for the good of the whole nation but the demand to have 21 days to campaign simply makes no sense.

My argument on why it is not is that politics is not like a movie premier and promotion. It is about consistencies of policies backed up by actions. You don't promote and give out campaign speeches and go on a road tour like a rock band over a fix schedule. Although it has potential to be really entertaining it is still not like trying to sell tickets and albums.

Bersih is suppose to fight for a fair election thus as fair as it can be the campaign should be as short as possible. Even better if there is no campaign at all~ Let us imagine how much would a campaign cost. Mind you the simple equation is that the longer the campaign the higher probability it is for corruption to flourish~ The longer the campaign the more money is wasted on just talk as well as "Cuti-cuit Malaysia".

Have you ever though of the mess left behind after the GE? Posters litter the streets...flags on poles left behind to rot on trees and buildings. The use of plastic which are not bio-degradable and paper that consumes trees. Imagine a nominee gets up on stage and start preaching and promising of reforms on better waste management, energy conservation, protecting mother nature but at the end of it all they do not clean up after their own junk. Ironic?

21 days of campaigning would cause severe tension among contesting parties. C'mon we all know you bugger politicians are just fronting a smile and make as if you know us. Heck....if you are in fact doing your job well we would know you without the need for your people to put up posters of your annoying face everywhere. If you are pretty or handsome at least it will not be a sight for sore eyes. But lets face it....majority of politicians are ugly. They make it worse by printing it only in party colours. Blue face, green face, red face....I would rather have no face.

So don't be ridiculous. You prats want a few weeks for campaigning? Enter a reality TV show....AF should suit you people perfectly since both have the same principles. Singing so so ~ Face no commercial value ~ Just an over rated shindig that saps resources and causes wastage of emotions and make braincells pretty much redundant.

Let them stay on till 66? Might as well put mummies in the EC.

What the crap is this? Why let the old farts stay on till they literally rot in their chairs? I am really sorry if it offends Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman. But again I am not sorry for the bloody idea of this. Now for all things why should it be till 66? 60 years old should be just nice but anything beyond that we don't want an EC being led by someone on life support.

I say the Chairman of the EC should be fit and healthy as well as being able to take physical challenges well. The EC Chairman job scope involves a lot of travelling and this include the many rural areas where the election centre may be set up. So what makes these buggers in parliament think that 66 is a young age? I say if once you think you need Viagra please for god sake give way to younger blood.

20 November, 2007

No need VW since PROTON doing well with Persona.

The title is not an official statement. But it is an educated conclusion that I can make from the whole shebang talks between Proton and VW. I would love to know for certain why were the talks halted from our side. It is very notorious that Proton makes cars like playing blocks. But until recently Proton did a fairly good job with their new car "Persona". So perhaps the bigweeds thought "Takyah ler buat deal ngan German tuh".

I do see that the time spent was all put to waste in the end. Business operations wise I see Proton is going to be at the loosing end in a couple of yeas if they are not lucky. Fact, Germans make darn good cars. VW although not a very popular brand in this part of the world but they have the icon of the VW Beetle. If a car made during WW2 and the engineering is so darn good that it can still be seen pottering around to this day than there must be something darn right about the way they do things.

Too see another point of view a VW deal could perhaps see Proton cars be sold in European countries. The good point for us consumers here is that the sharing of expertise could mean that we could have even better built local cars. I have driven a old beetle before and I think it is still brilliant. Then they have the Golf GTi which is a cult car and the latest one drives like a bat out of hell with looks to match.

There are many technologies that the Germans have in a sense that the Japs could never achieve. The Japs will never give us their variable valve technology and other tech gizmo associated with their suspension and drivetrain. VW has uber class 4WD technology as well as the know how to make super efficient and clean diesel engines which we have no friggin idea how to draw one.

So is the "call off" a business decision or a political one? Business wise it does not make sense to call off the talks. Politically, everything makes good sense. But I guess this is a case of being sentimental~ and arrogant. The best cars in the world are European. Nothing could match the refinement of German engineering when it comes to power plants more than 4 cylinders. Craftsmanship with metal is very closely associated with the Germans. The Japs are good at weaving stuff from bamboo and fabric. OK fine, the occasional samurai blade is spiffy.

But for something that chugs flammable liquids to move stuff around I say the Germans are the best in the world for it. I say Proton....what a waste. After this do not even dream of getting one penny of help from the Germans. I bet they would have orders to shoot you on sight. So yeah go on and keep making "refurnished" cars. I'll be much better off driving the award winning Perodua Viva.

Teach kids how to manage stress?

My question is how do we do this? Managing stress is not like managing homework. So ultimately stress is something which kids can't really relate to. But somewhere I read that kids should be taught on how to manage stress.

I think it is their elders that should be managing their stress instead of barking and yelping it out to them. Kids for one would not know what exactly stress is. I know I didn't know what it was until I got into college.

It makes kids are the one to be at fault. Which is not true. For instance the recent case where a 12 year old girl hanged her self. She was supposedly depressed from getting bad grades for her UPSR. Actually it is not really a hopeless result. Just a few "B"s and a C. But the pressure was on her to perform from witnessing that her sister got a couple of "A"s. But what actually drove her to hang her self. We wont know now would we? She is gone.

Ultimately the parents may have the right to inquire the hospital for not acting fast enough to save their daughter but again it would have happened at all if there was proper positive motivation. There might be aspects of her daily life with the family that could have build up and finally cracking.

I don't think it was stress at all. I bet for a child to be driven to suicide would have to endure a lot from the parents as well. It does not take a kid much to go mental. All it takes is the daily pestering by the family members and the comparison made each time. Basically it could be the daily picking.

It's not about managing stress...how would a kid know that. It is the people around her that forced her to opt for such a tragic end. The ones to blame are all still alive.

Lingam will talk but will say nothing more for now.

A sudden rush of things is happening. Yesterday the brother spilled the beans, today Lingam himself gave out a statement. "I will cooperate..." errr....that is pretty much it. Infamous Nazri said the members of the Royal Commission will be tabled in the house this week. So what does this all mean?

Number one, since Lingam's brother has spilled the beans he may have mentioned a few names in the report to the police that he made. Whoever it might be must have left the country as soon as they knew about it. It would be a stumbling block for the Royal Commission even before they could determine who would be part of it.

Lingam suddenly came out of hiding, 2 months after he was exposed in the clip. Which is a good question of why? Keeping mum for 2 months seems like he is capable of being silent for a few more. All the sudden he sounds so much like a proper lawyer. Is he trying to get sympathy? Would he get it? I doubt.

The people should and would not forgive him if he did in fact was involved in fixing judges appointments. Great days ahead~ The Royal Comission, Bersih, General Elections, Nurins murder, Altantunya's murder, less than short brained ministers...phew~! What a way to end 2007 with a bang!

19 November, 2007

Wonderkid and Minister get bludgeoned for obvious reasons.

It’s a year end race. Everyone gets interviewed by international media agency. But the risk is apparent. Effectively only one so far has survived. The rest were beaten to just stuttering and contradicting statements as well as rubbish English. No matter, the show always goes on. Not much difference there.

Nazri Aziz and Khairy. A minister and the Wonderkid got slapped by their own words without thinking first. Well, obviously nothing less is expected by Khairy. But Nazri Aziz simply put more bad name to the cabinet. Unable to answer with confidence and instead speaking with raised voices shows that the strain is building. He should ease on the daily salt intake.

I don’t care of what they say really. It does not make much of a difference to us. But it seems the international media loves any country on the verge of a possible political revolt. Sensational news sells they say.

However, may I add that Nazri was not talking like a minister. He was talking as a politician. Trying to use glossy words still could not save him from coming unprepared. In just 2 steps he came tumbling like a deck of cards. Khairy just stood there and merely repeated what Nazri said. Effective suck-up.

Everyone says that the media is this and the media is that. But what strikes me is that even the minister is not acting as minister but instead is carrying the colours of his party. Also both Wonderkid and minister displayed perfect synergy of delivering ignorance.

It is really entertaining but very disturbing indeed. At this points in time it has become clear as to who is actually working more for who. And Nazi critically displayed that beyond any reason of doubt.

Wonderkid was just common stuffing. I don’t want to go into them defending their fame trip. It is all to familiar and ultimately boring. However it was really astonishing to know that Nazri was actually conscious that the whole world was watching. So thanks to the internet the blogging community did put pressure on the chap and the government.

It simply goes to show that socio-political blog authors (whom are just a minority as Nazri have said before) may have some form of influence greater than he expected. Owh…the Wonderkid was excellent garnishing to keep the punch lines coming.

Better care for the elderly.

Society has certain peculiar traits. No matter how advance and civilised we become there is still the many few that resort to abandoning their elders. Perhaps it is the strain and hectic modern day responsibilities that gets them strayed from the traditional ones. Nonetheless it should not be an excuse.

If one can't take care of loved ones especially the elders than with these modern times there are actually modern ways. In return of some fees the responsibilities will be borne by others who are the professionals in the field. At least send them to nursing homes. Not leave them alone to fend for their frail self in this fast paced world. Bettercaring loves the sharing of experiences and information through their forums. The experience that others go through is very valuable to those who are finding a solution to care for there elders.

Royal Commission can call anyone but Lingam's brother has spilled the beans.

Royal Commission can call anyone...that is good. However V.K Lingam possibly could not take the pressure and has spilled the beans. How would this influence the on going public pressure as well as the further investigation of the Lingam case is yet to be known.

I fathom the the Lingam's brother will now be told to shut up and not talk although he must be pissing in his pants every hour. The funny thing is that the police report on the brother being privy to "corruption" of judges was done 8 months ago. Why no action was taken then? Good bloody question. Another cover up perhaps?

Well, the truth will be told sooner or later. My best guess would be this will be a very exciting investigation and thus should eclipse the murder case of Altantunya easily in which it could effect the outcome indirectly. The main character of the video could not be contacted as usual.

Royal Commission can call anyone for investigations
Lingam's brother spilling beans report

18 November, 2007

Jeff Ooi gets into trouble~ Again.

The popo received reports from 3 bodies alleging Jeff Ooi of tarnishing the country's name and reputation. Sometimes I wonder what perceives as an opinion will serve you right up in the ass and ruptures the rectum. But to some extent I do agree that Jeff has somewhat left a scratch on our country's name.

But, how else could he have done it if not for an international news agency? Our local news agency are not that open in allowing people to voice out their opinion not in favour of how things are run in "boleh land". So could we blame him entirely.

In respect to that it is somewhat a telling proof that there is too much "red tape" by our local media that we do nothing but complain about it. Simply denying the people of information is as good as being governed by Communism accept we don't share the fruits equally.

Malaysian Islamic Consumers Association, Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress and Pertubuhan Seni Silat Ikatan Kalam Malaysia have made the report. 2 out of 3 I find it logical....the Silat association however sounds bogus. What it Ikatan Kalam anyway? But no matter....it should serve Jeff Ooi something to ponder before accepting any interview offers from foreign media. Now I am just waiting for my turn to have a police report lodged against me....better yet a law suit. I find that all this mumbo jumbo is a slight of hand that is used to cover up for the many short comings.

Full report in NST.

RPK gives a tell all of what the Agong did and did not do.

Alright, very heated...extremely debated and very disgusted I am. But still I have to think as rational as possible. From reading what Raja Petra wrote on what the eye does not see, I really am not sure of what is to become of this country for as long as the same party rules with the sort of mentality that strikes as even more cunning and slick than a fox and sea cucumber combined.

Fact, I am not of any formal royal blood. Formal being that the linage still exists till today~ So mine pretty much died a good 10 generations ago. Thus I am incapable to effectively state what goes on in Istana Negara. However from the article that RPK wrote if and only if it is true 1000% May god protect him from harm and allow him to reveal the truth in it's purest sense.

I don't question what the Agong is doing as long as the duties that has been engraved in his highness genetic strand are delivered. So far I am pretty confident that no other Agong can do any more than what his highness has done thus far. What I am baffled is how deep is the PM's department hands in the affairs of the royals?

The royals and the government do not go well pretty much for the past 25 years or so~ practically ever since Tun M became the PM and now Pak Lah. We know privileges of Sultans have somewhat deteriorated to the point I think degrades the royals to namesake only. Sad is it? Well, I certainly think so.

I wont point out my intricate views of what RPK claims. Certainly I am not that influential enough. I don't intend to ever be...alas it is all still scary. It brings me to be reminded of my history classes in high school. Sultans became mere puppets to the "Orang Puteh". Are the Sultans and the Agong being treated in the same way now as they were than during the colonial period? Only god knows for sure but I do hope and pray that it is not true.

I would like to believe RPK 1100%. Simply because it gives the confidence and the only hope of walking a clean path in governance. I take it personally as motivation. The rest I shall keep it to my self and my circle of friends for the teh tarik sessions that we have now and then. But seriously~ what if it is true? That means the term "Raja Berpelembagaan" is just like any marketing campaign tag line. Now how scary is that? It is very scary to me.

Read what RPK wrote in the corridors of power on the matter.

Thank You Professor : Ex -Lepers get new home.

No, the thank you does not go to the VC of UiTM. At least not just yet. It goes to one of my readers. Although not in agreement with me and obviously is sentimental over the mono-ethnic varsity I am still very much appreciative that this particular reader highlighted to me the whole article published in Metro that ex-Lepers from the now demolished Lepers Center in Sungai Buloh has gotten new homes.

I would paste the whole article here but it is pretty long~ Just kindly refer to the comments in my previous post. Apparently I was also told that I did not know what I was doing. Well....let me just highlight one line from the report:

"Walaupun kami menghadapi situasi getir, namun berkat usaha dan doa semua warga universiti, akhirnya projek ini dapat diteruskan juga dan isu yang timbul dapat diselesaikan dengan cara baik dan berkesan."

It is clear that the varsity had done some mistake somewhere that some of the ex-lepers had to stay in makeshift shacks for a short time. But it is commendable and in admiration that the management of UiTM rectified the matter as quickly as possible. Thus in the presence of the media, the VC presented the keys and RM7k each to the families effected so that he has proven that the mistake has been corrected and to redeem the credibility of the varsity. Hats off to Ibrahim Abu Shah.

Owh and just one more thing~ thank you for presenting my other half with her Honours Degree in Records Management in the Varsity's 67th convocation. There is still a lot more to be done. My critique really has a good cause. If my words can't be taken positively I am very sorry~ I am just pointing out the obvious.

Report carried in NST.

16 November, 2007

Syed Hamid Albar says "Mind your own business Rommel"

Good say by Hamid Albar on Rommel's opinion. Thierry Rommel a former EU Commission envoy to Malaysia suggested a Royal Commission for the 10/11 rally. But who is he to give his opinion publicly let alone to the media. I mean even we the citizens are having a hard time suggesting one should be set up for that Lingam video.

The lawyers marched... the investigation on the tape was made and done yet some ministers said they need to looks at the report. Still not much progress and this bloke came from no where thinking that the gomen should listen to his suggestion? Obviously Rommel has not learned much as an envoy~ perhaps he did not get a taste of sambal belacan.

I am not saying I am a great fan of Hamid Albar. But he seems to be the most composed minister in this country. Handles almost any issue thrown his way without too much fumbling. I don't need to mention who has the most glorious fumbling records to date. Let just say "kita paham-paham jer lah".

We should have more people like Hamid Albar as ministers. At least he does not embarrass us in international media.

Khairy Jamaluddin for PM?!!! Hell no~!

I go to MPH a lot. Normally to get my monthly EVO and Top Gear magazine. Besides that I would normally see what books concerning local politics that has just been published. But upon sight of this one...I got so appalled (but managed to take a picture) and walked out of the store immediately.

However I came back afterwards through another entrance to avoid seeing it in the book stands again. How bad is the book? I didn't need to open it...there was a typo on the cover it self. Way at the bottom left~ didn't bother remembering didn't want to know what it is all about...the slightest thought of it just got my stomach turning into dead knots.

15 November, 2007

Entertaining entertainers of a family more than the 3 bears.

I agree in some of the speeches by this year Urmm...No delegates. All of us have a role to play. Like wise for all the posts in the High Committee of Urmm...No right down to those at branch level. Certainly in the hundred thousand over members of Urmm...No I would certainly feel darn bored if everyone had the same role to play.

So just like a Broadway musical albeit one which is very out of tune each one of them has a role to play. There is a leader that is ignorant of what is going on and thinks that all is OK, good and superbly well. He also thinks he is very well loved by the public. That is why more often than not he sleeps like a baby pacified by good old warm formula milk.

Than we have a constantly crying child wearing diapers that some how lost his pacifier. Keeps complaining about every thing and mimics whatever any one older says. but that is to be expected as a kid only knows almost nothing thus mimics the actions of adults. Makes me wonder what happened to mama.

Ahhh...Mama is too busy. This is a modern mom mind you. Very independent and has a business of her own. She moves so fast that she breaks a few heels of her shoes every year. Yet, she is very much oblivious to what is happening at home. Modern moms I suppose are like that.

Her sister comes once in awhile. But with a very queer habit. She likes girls....a lot too! Her tomboyish trait sometimes makes others confuse but she is a very passionate sportsman err...woman...whichever la.

There are plenty of annoying cousins and brothers too. An uncle who has severe butterflies in the stomach when foreigners ask him about stuff. One cousin who has this fixation on sharp metal objects and perhaps gets an orgasm from waving it around like a wand. A law college drop out who is still saying he has hope to be a lawyer someday but fact is he can't control his insatiable desire to cuss everyone. You can't act like that in court now could you?

The jolly neighbourhood milkman comes by to deliver sour milk...plus it always changes and increases in price every time it rains. He calls it necessary to feed his merry cows to produce more milk. But somehow it taste more and more watered down after every year. Finally there is this out of town relative....not really sure how he came about but we know he smuggles weapons and military equipment to sell to mercenaries that perhaps loves to kill tourists....especially fellow Asian ones.

It is really a family which everyone would want. How can it not be? You can sleep~ and pinch the balls of your fellow neighbours and continuously keep bragging of what you have planned. Fantastic~ Ultimately a "Keluarga Bahagia"!

What is there to ask Nazri? Tell your boss to just set up the Royal Commission lah!

Dilly Dally Dilly Dally and Dilly Dally~ That is all what they are good for, apart the various empty promises, blunders, and you can name the rest pretty much accurately. Now from one panel straight to another?

Hats off to Nazri Aziz. Again as smart as he could possibly be another snaking lie abd bullshit he is brewing. The Haidar team has made recommendations so why the hell you need to discuss the matter further?

You say you have not read it yet? Heck~ It concerns the country's judiciary for God's sake. But yeah it is typical of AAB cohorts...all bantai say I dunno, I dunno and more I dunno!

Report from NST.

14 November, 2007

Noh Omar, what is right and wrong?

School students caught in the Bersih rally will not be expelled. At least they have brains for that. But what Datuk Noh Omar said is that they will be rehabilitated and be taught what is right and wrong. Hmmm....I wonder how is that?

Is showing support for a clean elections a wrong thing to do? What does Noh mean by right and wrong? Clearly from the ruling parties, their version of what and wrong is..."vote us for the next elections" and that will be the right thing to do...."you are wrong if you vote otherwise". That makes it like an on/off switch.

Teaching what is right and wrong is not really teaching in the actual sense. It should be led by example and logical enough for the kids think it is right or wrong. I am afraid what rehabilitation would mean is to bend and knock the minds of these kids into what the ruling party wants them to think. In other words it could possibly be brainwashing. Come on the Minister of Education says it is OK to kiss and wave it around at least once a year.

It is also right (in the eyes of the ruling coalition) that the use of chemical laced water and tear gas to disperse the Bersih rally. 18 kids were arrested so yeah we know they are sort of fine. But what about those that the popo did not arrest and got into contact with the tear gas? Did they consider that? The possibility of hurting minors with tear gas is such a credible thing to do for them I suppose.

I had a whiff of tear gas before and believe me it is not a pleasant thing. Think of it like getting pepper sprayed (actually pepper spray is much more agonizing). It is still painful for a kid anyhow. As for the water cannon, the sheer pressure itself could cause a ruptured spleen and break bones of an adult. Water cannons can also be laced with chemicals that causes the same effect as tear gas. So the possibility of causing hurt to kids is OK I presume?

As for the parents now they should be the one at fault. But again it would be ultimately unjust if the kids in fact acted on their own judgement without the parents knowledge. Very fine thin line to walk here. So assuming these kids will be rehabilitated what we would like to know is exactly how? Are the juvenile correction facility habitable for kids? And how would they be treated exactly?

If all these variables are to be made public and the rehabilitation comes under public scrutiny than by all means do educate these kids of what is right and wrong. However, if in fact these kids are subjected to any brainwashing whatsoever and being lectured on the ruling party's political agenda than suffice to say that will be the most cruel thing of all.

Uncle Lim says Royal Commission is imminent.

Looks like the outlook is almost certain. Uncle Lim says all 3 of the Haidar Team had one common recommendation it is priority and imminent that a Royal Commission is set up to further deal with a full uninterrupted and in depth investigation.

So Pak Lah can't really say no now can he? Those who had a hand in the deal and are now living a good life should be pissing in their pants now. How will this effect Pak Lah's merry bumbling fumbling men? Well, if they are clean then no worries. The recent turn of events is certainly not prime~ BN as stubborn and ignorant they can be should be aware that now it is a no more hiding situation.

Let us just hope that the Commission gets set up proper and bring down those "cult pricks" hard. Can we also have a vote of no confidence for the current government? Can we now have a fair and clean election? Can we have incompetent ministers be thrown out of office? The rakyat again has to be patient. One day at a time they say...just as long all the corrupt goes down.

Link to Uncle Lim's entry on this the issue.

One sen broom sticks.

I'll do a two in one post today just for the fun and my laziness. Should the demise of the one sen is a good thing? People on the street won't want to carry that much one sen but when wanting their change back they want every single sen. Peculiar? Well, we are Malaysians thus peculiar is pretty normal here.

As far as I see it, I figure it is a good thing. I am sure BNM will ensure that the system will not be abused and strict enforcement of rounding up or down mechanics will be of significant priority. Another up side besides from not having to deal with one sen over the counter is that it serves to be more and more purpose for electronic paying systems to be implemented. Transactions with debit cards and mobile money would not be rounded up or down I reckon. Seems like even lesser reason in the near future to carry cold hard cash around.

Electronic payment will be far more secure, perhaps even lesser snatch theft since people do not carry significant amounts. At the same time security of electronic payment methods needs to be properly beefed up. But there is always cause and effect.

Broom sticks has kicked up some dust. Presentation of a broom stick by Khir Toyo to Hulu Selangor Land Office and also the District Council has met much flack from all quarters. 65% of respondents to a TV3 survey felt that it was not appropriate. The back bencher club thinks it's not appropriate. However I could see Khir Toyo's intention of making the "ceremony" public. I see it as making the public service transparent.

In way it is good and also bad. The bad thing is it could demoralize the public service. But then again what difference does it make compared to punishing a child to stand on a chair in class for not doing homework? Demoralizing yes, but it is imperative to create a mindset that when you don't deliver your job up to expectations or the requirements than the management has the right to ensure you buck up. At the same time it would be a form of professional ethics to create competition between departments. So perhaps the broom was a tad too much but it could be replaced with something else. Perhaps a crushed tin can painted appropriately or some other thing that signifies such a dismal performance.

On the other side why not at the same event to present the best awards too. I suggest a can painted in gold or some shiny tint on a plaque. So now there will be one award to stay away from and one award to target for. Sounds pretty fair doesn't it? Owh well, I should be getting along doing my work now before I get presented with a broom. In the private sector if you do not come up to standard it could mean the end of your tenure at the position.

13 November, 2007

430 thousand sit for SPM, may we pray for the success of our future generation.

It is time once more for one of the largest public examinations. Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia or more popularly known to us Malaysians as SPM and is equivalent to 'O' levels begins today.

Over 430 thousand form 5 students sit for what is to be known as a make or break examinations that would determine their progress into the undergraduate world. Some may score and some may fail but whatever it is it should be the one most important juncture in a teen's life.

Now using the open paper system where students can choose their own papers to sit seems to be the most successful education system in the country. From here onwards when the results come out their applications will be like a bridge into a life with a more focused purpose but at the same time pose even more a choke hold on their individual minds.

One of the restrictions or law that binds undergrads to the armpits of the government is AUKU. Notoriously known for the many balls on chains and prohibits undergrads from ever taking part in politics or anything that jeopardize the so called country's vision, mission and other lopsided aspirations.

So no taking part in "illegal" protests. No taking part in opposition activities or whatever that is deemed to be against the government wishes. The undergraduate years is solely the years of hardship. Not that it is taxing education wise but also the building of minds and personality. It would be prime when these kids will know what is politics, corruption, rethorics, cronyism, and many other terms that associate closely with the hidden iron fists of the ruling party. Subtle, but it has proven effective for the odd 50 years or so.

How long ago have we heard of a varsity students protests? They know that above all else what needs to be covered from the public would best be done with the young as it is easier to do. Catch them young as they say. But lets not be too negative shall we? In the whole bunch there is among them that will be primed to lead the country one day.

Be very confident that what is thought in varsities and the subtle brainwashing can be easily corrected and the truth be told to them every semester break by their families and parents. Mould these younglings to be critical thinkers and always strive for the search of the truth and justice for all and not only towards their own colour, creed or race. Teach them how to think as a nation. Educate them the need to see eye to eye and understand the many cultures and political understandings. Educate them what Democracy really means and how important it is to uphold the Constitution and parliament. Instil them to love the land, the people, their religion and the King.

Believe me, leaving the education of these kids to corrupted practices would mean the death of all your rights as well as theirs. Command constant vigilance and always tell the story of both sides of the coin~ most importantly tell them the truth, the whole truth and nothing else.

If there is one way to reach for the stars it would be this way and not by the piercing of the Keris in the air as if it is so relevant to all Malaysians. That only is only reserved for the minds of 50 years ago.

What is the next step after BERSIH?

It does not come to me as a surprise at all. After the BERSIH rally some form of follow up was soon to follow no matter how small and childish it was. I supported the rally entirely on a rakyat's point of view. However it can't be helped that many organizations involved did not have the formal credibility to do so and followed the heels of the opposition. Well, not at all was it a waste but it left some people laughing mostly from the ruling party.

No matter if it was a fake laugh and denial or not the rally showed that tens of thousands are indeed concerned when it came to the votes they cast for the GE. Now 3 days later BN and SUHAKAM has their websites infiltrated and made a mess of irresponsible parties. Proof of who did it exactly is not known although the Indonesian Flag was posted on SUHAKAM's defaced website. Conclusions could not be made if it was really the Indonesians. Heck if I was hacking into the BN's website I might as well just post images of Adolf Hitler and a large Swastika.

I have a suspicion that the defacement was the doing of some opposition quarters. It may not be official but just think about it. Why should Indonesians deface a Human Rights and BN's website? Perhaps there is a point which I do not see. Still I do think that the act is very immature. Regardless of who did it.

What should be the most rational and mature way of dealing with such a mass pressure on the transparency of the GE? I say one group should host all the mass peaceful protest in the streets and another group should hold dialogues and talk to the government and the authorities to ensure a more democratic way of achieving their targets.

It would be very much better to fight in 2 fronts simultaneously. This way the government will have a bit more in their heads since they are hit on both sides. Ok, I might be underestimating the ability of the ruling party to be ignorant. Perhaps what Rafidah Aziz says is true. Foreign investors are not bothered about the opposition. But of course they are not.....because the money is with the ruling party. Everything is controlled by the lopsided "Blue Scale". Where else would foreign investors ask for the approvals then?

So the opposition has to act really smart and not act too hastily. They have done the rally when UMNO is at it's strongest point in the year. The time when members gets freebies, make new friends, spend more time in KL to spend their ill gained cash as well as act like they are all like Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear. So the next step is very crucial, in fact if there is disunity amongst the opposition than that will give BN every reason to carry a front page news with the title "I TOLD YOU SO".

2 Days after BERSIH Rally: Ministers are allowed to talk.

48 hours after the BERSIH rally only today various ministers and BN officials are allowed to give their views on the event. One said it was a waste of time, another claims that it is against the constitution where by the minister said "Our monarchy is a constitutional one whereby the king is advised by the prime minister."

So is this to say that the YDP Agong has no power whatsoever unless the PM says so? If it is~ Basically what the constitution has done is that we have been practising colonization from the start. Instead of being colonized by foreign powers we have been colonized by the executive and the ruling party.

It is just a simple concept really. But what I want to question also is that after 48 hours only the statements from the members of the executive are released to the media. Hmmm...perhaps they had to screen them first before it becomes a testimony of great stupidity like the one by the infamous Zam Ziltch.

However, all this is very cosseting. It is good to know that others do not want to be as stuttering and fumbling like this one colleague of theirs which often steals the limelight all for the wrong reasons.

12 November, 2007

Zam the minister of stuttering hanging information.

The standard would be as such as how Syed Albar did on Hard Talk a couple of months back.

This is a JOKE and a disgrace. School kids debaters can speak and present their points in better English than the Information Minister...

I dedicate: Triumph of the Will to the people~

Somehow I find the lyrics to this creatively edited music video very relevant to our country's current political and social predicament. The powerful (BN) becomes rich and sap the ones below bone dry~ "Mengangkasakan Melayu" it seems.

Caution: Profanity included.

Ministers that do not know how to count....indirectly I am saying they are not that smart.

Credibility must be weighted by how oblivious and ignorant can one be from the many public inquiries. I think that is how Pak Lah choose his ministers. Because with more than an undeniable doubt Nazri as well as Zam has proven time and time again that they:

1. Are blind.
2. Do not know how to count.
3. Do not know how to read.
4. Do not understand Englsih or BM.
5. Follow orders like dogs on a leash.

Basically the prerequisite to be a minister must be deaf, dumb and uneducated. That makes the deaf and dumb in this country far better off right? At least they are smart enough to be useful to society. Which reminds me to the latest Petronas Ad.

Zam can't tell the difference of 4,000 to 40,000. He called the 200 lawyers march as nothing much....may be he cant count past his fingers and toes. But I am sorry~ I can't blame Zam or Nazri. They did not apply for the positions but were offered them by Pak Lah. So I question Pak Lah's judgment sometimes.

In fact I do think each Minister has fire on their tails for the screw ups of each of their Ministry. Hmmmm...makes you wonder what goes on in those cabinet meetings? Small chat and lots of Tongkat Ali Power Root perhaps? And the ladies would be Kacip Fatimah of course. Unless well....it is true that some are not oriented as nature had intended.

No, no it is not my intention of bashing them all. But they allow themselves to be bashed. I mean it is an open goal for god's sake~ Which Football nutty nation would not be tempted to at least take a shot huh? You know~ I wish some sort of tour be organized on the routes that all the protesters took on Saturday. The whole cabinet should walk the path....all the better if it can be done in the rain. While they are at it why not provide water balloons to the public to hit the cabinet members with~

Which one gets the most hits shows which one the public think is the most useless. It would be fun~ very entertaining and the ministers will at least know a tiny feel of the pain which the thousands had walked for the sake of their beloved country and their children's future. At the top of some roof I would love to take head shots with a paint ball gun. Pap pap paap~!

Pak Lah gets confident, Opposition intensifies pressure.

UMNO's general assembly rose to an applauding close while just a day before tens of thousands show up in force on the call for a reform. It is 2 very different situations. Who is dreaming and who gets power? Many question what the next General Elections will hold for. I think that day will be the biggest test and many will hold their breath.

Can't blame the cockiness of UMNO, it's members and their leaders seem very much aloft in the halls of the Putra World Trade Center. Who could blame them? UMNO and BN component parties have been in power for a good 50 years. So the confidence bodes good signs that many if not all of it's members seem very comfortable and not aware (ignorance could be the better term used here) there has been more calls for reform by the public and opposition.

50 years of practice and preps could be a role played to perfection if you ask me. It's like a show on Broadway....very meticulously done and every single mistake is so cleverly masked that people think that the show went on perfectly. At the end of it...the audience feels that it was money well spent and the actors laugh it off backstage on how the cover-up was brilliant.

Pak Lah says the Bersih Rally was nothing but to convince the monarchy to step into politics which it is not their area. Still it is a well known fact that the Rulers have always been bullied by the government. Remember the time when Tun M did threaten the Conference of Rulers? Even in 1955 the Sultan of Perak at the time had a graze of heads with a certain person nominated by the ruling party to be the Menteri Besar of Perak. The Sultan of Johor is well known not to really like what the government decides for his State...especially concerning it's close proximity to Singapore.

So what is the thing about trying to get the monarch into politics? The very foundation of this country was built on the initiative of the Royals to fight for independence. Tunku was a royalty. But yeah, many forget that since the man was so close to the people.

After the Bersih Rally, later that night a postmortem was done to congratulate as well to decide what was the next action. Anwar was there and suggested that another rally to be organized very soon. How far this will materialize we shall have to wait and see. But it is for certain that both sides are being defiant to the other and both refuse to back down.

I am not really in favour of the ruling coalition. It somehow has lost focus....took on too much and could only deliver so little. At the very same time the economic gap widens. The rich gets richer and the poor are left to struggle with the inflating price of living costs. UMNO members seem not to mind the tier system for fuel subsidies....in fact I don't think they would mind at all if the subsidies are to be lifted entirely. Of course they don't mind~ they are sucking the riches of the land and filling their pot bellies to the brim.

I could only believe that UMNO is in fact too overconfident. And overconfidence is always a bad thing. People on the street are talking~ and they walked last Saturday to the horror of the police which could not contain them. The resort to use water cannons and tear gas was a sign of desperation. Even that the rally pressed on~

So what has Pak Lah got to do now? Would he dare to call on elections earlier than he plans to? Or would he just sit it out and doze off with the rest of his merry band of thieves? But wait, he is confident~ so there is really nothing much for him to worry about is there?

11 November, 2007

What is Faxless Payday Loans?

Loads of financial products out there. I bet around the thousands. Some for investment, some for savings, some for mortgage and some for loans. So here comes one more that beg to be explained. It is a fairly easy concept. We can take up loans in large as well as small amounts. The rates differ for certain reasons but the essence is borrowing money from a financial institution.

At the same time there is the paperwork....forms to fill, copies of documents need to be made and submitted along with the application and finally the wait for approval. Well... Faxless Payday Loans is so much less of that. Lesser forms to fill-up, lesser documents to send in and the approval has no credit checks and gets approved in a very short time. This works only for an amount not more than $200 to $1500 with the approval taking no more than 24 hours. Helps in those tight spots situation when you can't get your funds out that fast and you need it very urgently.

Caution is needed as all loans has to be serviced to save you the pains of a credit fault. Once that happens than it will be a real pain.

The media has no respect or pay any regards to democracy.

Chicken heads. Do you know what happen to it when it gets to the slaughter house? It just tilts to one side. That is how our government controlled local media is. The fight for independence was also the birth of our local media and journalism. At that time it was the only way to reach the masses. The journalist were poor...the editors were practically owners of the publications. Not like now when the media has grown to be more of a money poacher with pages and pages worth of advertisements and extremely biased reports as well as keeping away the truth and painting a different picture to the public.

I thought truthfulness constitutes to part of the journalism code of conduct. Perhaps I am just out of touch from the reality of things. But how can yesterday's mass rally was been given a blanket? Instead in the front page carries issues of equal worry but lesser immediate reform. They publish about petrol prices, the questionable service from the public health care and the the MIC Deepavali celebrations. Yes, everything has to be reported....but not the rally protest.

Thanks to blog authors who witnessed and some even participated in the event to write and even take loads of images. Some images were really good journalism photography and these are just avid bloggers and not professional photographers. I admire their courage to walk those streets. I would have been there too if it was not for some serious advice from my other half.

But the media seem to be forced to evade their social responsibility. Afraid to be closed for good perhaps? Some higher hands are very concerned of loosing votes perhaps? But the reality is obvious. Name it, we have serious problems in everything. Ministries misusing funds, Judiciary system has been tampered and fixed, Electoral system can be shadowed and bought, Police double standards, violent and corrupt, and the list goes on and on and on.

But all is good says the big weeds because the economy is good as published in the media. Everyone is OK as published in the media showing good racial ties and harmony for the heavily sponsored National festivities. But we are not stupid you know. We can read yes, but better still we can understand what is in between the lines. So no matter what the media tries to do to paint a rosy picture, the fact is we all know it is all fake. Sorry ah~ We only accept fresh live flowers.

Police is Balachi of ruling party.

Believe it. It shows yesterday very clearly that being just like trained dogs they did as they were told. Reading the formal media of the Star and NST nothing on the rally was in the main columns. Pathetic piece of chicken-ish reporting. But there is one report on the roadblocks on the roads leading into the city center.

Thousands of road users were victims of inconsiderate government orders and those who had nothing to do with the rally was simply caught in it anyway for nothing. Petrol was simply wasted and believe it or not some areas even had haze caused by the belching exhaust that all the vehicles spewed during such a terrible traffic jam.

The Star made a point alright....publishing a picture of one of the road blocks. It clearly showed that the police was just used to bottle neck the roads. As early as 8:30 in the morning on a bloody Saturday there was a road block opposite of menara Star.

What was the police doing? I witnessed 2 was chilling at a table not too faraway smoking. Another 3 of them were manning the block but was just imply standing there and chit-chatting, smiling and laughing. The picture that the Star published shows 2 officers of the law just standing a distance away from the block not appearing to be checking as the vehicles pass by.

So what was the point? It was a waste of public funds to mobilize the roadblocks when really nothing was actually done but creating a bottleneck all roads leading to the city.

View the image and report published in the Star here.

Al-Jazeera coverage of Bersih Rally and Jeef Ooi comments.

History was certainly made today. It was a black one. Whichever sentiments that you fly on let this serve as a point of view but in no way that I am saying anyone if right in this matter. In fact I shall in my own opinion think that all parties were at wrong. From the 70+ organizations that made this rally happen as well the law enforcement agencies as well as a simply ignorant government.

I got the invitation to join this rally. But than I thought that in what way should a show of a rally could budge such a stuck-up government and ruling party? Plus obviously we all know that the fact there is double standards of the authorities in which part at all the odd thousands (some said 20k, others quoted 40k and Anwar claimed 100K...which one lah?) that gathered would bother a sleeping belching ignorant giant of the ruling party? Yes I have to say it twice because that is that. It shows in the sentiments carried for all the years and the intensifying demands of very intelligent people of this country.

I have to say that Jeff Ooi is right. The ruling party has to take notice, in a positive way. Take ridicule, comments and opinions from every side very seriously before they slip from their fat comfy calf skin chairs. Just to show that we ain't stupid, we are not ignorant and we know everything is simply not OK.

Video of Al-Jazeera coverage on the rally reminds me of protests that happened in Indonesia some time ago~ People want action and now they are walking the talk...far better than the ignorant beings in power.

10 November, 2007

Zam zam ziltch~! Zam takes a swipe at Uncle Lim.

Zainuddin Maidin is taking the fight to the masses. Uncle Lim just expressed his views in plain simple honesty and this Zam starts purging like "Monyet termakan sambal belacan". So called "Helping" uncle Lim is a childish tirade to defame the man using national resources in the form of RTM. So some tax payers money is again used to fund a fit of constipated scuffle between Zam (governemnt) and Lim (opposition).

What is wrong in someone publishing his views on his own expense? Zam's sarcasm definitely has striked a new high in childish politics that he seems so accustomed to. Now perhaps Uncle Lim will just reply in a Karaoke Song dissing him "will the the dark uninformative minister please stand up?" to the tune of Eminem "The real Slim Shady".

Report to refer to here.

You can just sell about anything.

My previous post was dabbling the idea of a headscarf named after the Russian rocket that sent the first Malaysian to space. Suddenly the idea didn't really sound half bad at all. The design of the fabric need not look like a space helmet or has moon and stars on them just calling it "Soyuz" would be enough to get local Muslim women into a frenzy.

Which such a business idea might just work. On top of that the possibility of selling it online can be a real smacker. Just a simple website and a ecommerce software that can handle orders and generate sales reports. Some nifty efficient shopping cart could handle the potential surge of orders when the hype catches it peak.

Ashop seems to have a pretty solid shopping cart suite. Plus there is a free trial period. So if you like it, buy it. But the features is for the novice and professionals alike. Integration with accounting software, supports plenty of product comparison sites like Froogle and BizRate. Seamless integration of various pricing tiers for single, bulk or B2B purchase. Not to mention a very comprehensive web marketing tool to promote your products online. The price is also reasonable and the options list is configurable to your needs. Seems like a good deal considering the probability of this space exploration themed head scarf should be THE fashion accessory of the year.

Speeches by UMNO delegates is like a monthly issue of Cosmopolitan

It's like a designer label new season showcase. Absolutely terrific and simply dazzling. It might as well be a fashion week of epic proportions. Well, only if it was actually sewn fabrics and chick skinny models strutting on the runway. But, it is not.

I am referring to the speech delivered by speakers of the UMNO assembly. I don't need to pick exactly which ones because all sounds pretty much like GAP. Over priced, mass produced and made in China or some other Asian country. Peppered with the same tag lines over and over again. I tell you if this whole bunch were to be copy writers the creative director will have split ends and an afro in two wiggles of a bunny tail.


Thats THE word for UMNO. You better believe it~! Our tax money was spent just for the rights to use that word. Whatever that word means it must be the most expensive word in the world to date. All it takes is for one of the senior members even better still if they are committee members to slap a word more than 10 alphabets long and bingo~! Simply marketing and advertising genius right there.

I can just imagine it...it will be the word for primary school kids to remember how to spell in their BM spelling tests. It will be the word that they will use at night markets. Even better still maybe they would even design a tudung and sell it. Owh my god~ it will be a phenomenon! I could imagine it now~ the chants of marketing at various PKNS malls..."Mari akak..mari abang....murah murah~! Tudung Soyuz...boleh mengangkasakan kejelitaan bini, makcik, nenek, dan awek~!". I tell you it is going to be the fashion statement of 2008. I can't wait for the coming Aidiladha~ or Raya Qurban. I'll puke at anything Russian by then.

09 November, 2007

Blog Wireless Fidelity.

See how far the internet has become. From the humble beginnings of Arpanet now to the whole shizzam pop pings and fizzle of the World Wide Web. Just about anyone can get their own website up in just a matter of hours. On top of that media has taken a super leapfrog. The days of copper cables is down in the history books and now wifi comes hopping along giving simplified and practical access just about anywhere without the dangles of cables.

Blogging could not have taken off in the way it has now without broadband wifi. Now bloggers blgo from anywhere. Cafes, libraries, in the bus and even on a plane. It all becomes more accessible cheaper, faster and certainly easier. Slowly it is becoming a technology as common as sliced bread.

FACT: NEP thwarts Me-Layu Progress.

Touchy issue. But it is a clear fact that many Malays will never want to admit. I was a bit surprised that among the issues in the UMNO big ass assembly is about why are Malays soooooooooo..... SLOW. Surprised because it is the cause of UMNO which has very much translated to some government policies that has actually made a lot of Malays rich at the expense of other Malays which are left to suffer more than a bit.

This is a mighty problem to me but in a different view entirely. Here lies the fact that there is awareness that Malays are still SLOW. But the way I see it is the various mechanisms that have been formulated and implemented by the big weed idiots such as the NEP is what widens the gap. While on top of that need I say CORRUPTION is a major hindrance that is so widely practised at all levels which bogs down the very people they intend to help.

So it is good that they are asking questions and realize that Malays are slow in progress compared to the other races. It's just the part of ignorance that is putting the Malays way back in the pace. So the development of regional corridors? Ensuring that Malay reserve land sticks to the Malays? What nonsense! The problem core of the problem is simple yet they all take such a roundabout and beating through the bushes just so that some will get much more than others and a sack full of dough goes into their cavernous bank account.

So the magic words are ignorance, greed, and selfishness. That is what that is making this race gets worse and worse every year. So yeah...sharing what again?

08 November, 2007

No credit checks.

Step right up~! Step right up~! What do Faxless Payday Loans can do for you? Well, you get your pay every month. You pay all your bills and other responsibilities that requires a monthly allocation and after that whatever balance you have is for your savings and day to day expenses.

However, there can be times that by sheer bad luck you need a bit extra for some unforeseeable reasons. You might need to have quick emergency cash but you can't withdraw from your other investments as that would disrupt it's maturity value. So what do you do? If you guessed that Faxless Payday Loans is the answer than you are truly blessed with the brains.

It's simple for loans up to 1500USD, get it approved with no credit checks and receive it in a jiffy. That is what it is all about. So for the stuck in a rut situations now you know what to do.

07 November, 2007

The government has angered the Hindus.

YES this is about the demolition of a 30 year old Hindu temple last week. But is is not to question if it was right or not to build that temple on the piece of land in question. But it is in fact on how the authorities have taken too much physical action in demolishing the temple.

It can't be denied that any construction of any structure should abide by the laws that govern it. However in the event that an illegal structure is erected on any piece of land proper procedures need to be followed and the action taken needs to be as civilised as possible.

In this case the demolition of the temple was not done proper. Force was used and people got hurt. From just a simple demolition it became a fracas that made Indians and Hindus to be mighty pissed of the authorities.

Even as Samy Vellu came and negotiated on behalf of his brothers the fact lies in the execution of the whole thing. As how violent the episode became is yet to be proven proper and thus far I have found no graphic evidence that violence indeed occur. However as the Malay saying goes "Masakan pokok bergoyang jikalau angin tidak bertiup" can be applied here.

What would save the whole situation now would be a public apology. but would the authorities admit that the use of force was a step too far? I don't think they would. Being acting like gangsters themselves and a clear image of a Majlis Bandaran Officer hurling stones good enough reason for Hindus and Indians to fight back.

Kit Siang heard the rest of Lingam Tape.

Yes, now the 3 man investigation committee is done with the final report and will submit it to the PM (as if that is of any use). But in a crack and whip Lim Kit Siang watched the rest of the Lingam video. All remaining six minutes of it. He (Kit Siang) also confirms who was Lingam talking to. So how conclusive can it get? Want to know more visit Lim Kit Siang's blog.

UiTM's buys 91.8ha land in Bertam.

The mono-ethnic varsity expands yet again. This time is to build more facilities to offer medical courses. As of now UiTM have to large sites for expansion. One is UiTM campus 2 just before Puncak Alam currently undergoing construction and this site in the Northern region of Malaysia.

After the recent varsity survey which UiTM scored only a "good" rating the push for quantity over quality if pretty much evident. However I question the resources that needs to be pooled for lecturing the thousands of intake per semester when construction is completed. If it is anything to go by the resolute teaching resource will no doubt be sourced from overseas to maintain and increase the quality of graduates that this varsity churns out every six months or so.

So while new infrastructure is being built the current ones are still in a bad state and human resources in educating the undergrads are already spread too thin to be really effective.