13 November, 2007

2 Days after BERSIH Rally: Ministers are allowed to talk.

48 hours after the BERSIH rally only today various ministers and BN officials are allowed to give their views on the event. One said it was a waste of time, another claims that it is against the constitution where by the minister said "Our monarchy is a constitutional one whereby the king is advised by the prime minister."

So is this to say that the YDP Agong has no power whatsoever unless the PM says so? If it is~ Basically what the constitution has done is that we have been practising colonization from the start. Instead of being colonized by foreign powers we have been colonized by the executive and the ruling party.

It is just a simple concept really. But what I want to question also is that after 48 hours only the statements from the members of the executive are released to the media. Hmmm...perhaps they had to screen them first before it becomes a testimony of great stupidity like the one by the infamous Zam Ziltch.

However, all this is very cosseting. It is good to know that others do not want to be as stuttering and fumbling like this one colleague of theirs which often steals the limelight all for the wrong reasons.

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