13 November, 2007

430 thousand sit for SPM, may we pray for the success of our future generation.

It is time once more for one of the largest public examinations. Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia or more popularly known to us Malaysians as SPM and is equivalent to 'O' levels begins today.

Over 430 thousand form 5 students sit for what is to be known as a make or break examinations that would determine their progress into the undergraduate world. Some may score and some may fail but whatever it is it should be the one most important juncture in a teen's life.

Now using the open paper system where students can choose their own papers to sit seems to be the most successful education system in the country. From here onwards when the results come out their applications will be like a bridge into a life with a more focused purpose but at the same time pose even more a choke hold on their individual minds.

One of the restrictions or law that binds undergrads to the armpits of the government is AUKU. Notoriously known for the many balls on chains and prohibits undergrads from ever taking part in politics or anything that jeopardize the so called country's vision, mission and other lopsided aspirations.

So no taking part in "illegal" protests. No taking part in opposition activities or whatever that is deemed to be against the government wishes. The undergraduate years is solely the years of hardship. Not that it is taxing education wise but also the building of minds and personality. It would be prime when these kids will know what is politics, corruption, rethorics, cronyism, and many other terms that associate closely with the hidden iron fists of the ruling party. Subtle, but it has proven effective for the odd 50 years or so.

How long ago have we heard of a varsity students protests? They know that above all else what needs to be covered from the public would best be done with the young as it is easier to do. Catch them young as they say. But lets not be too negative shall we? In the whole bunch there is among them that will be primed to lead the country one day.

Be very confident that what is thought in varsities and the subtle brainwashing can be easily corrected and the truth be told to them every semester break by their families and parents. Mould these younglings to be critical thinkers and always strive for the search of the truth and justice for all and not only towards their own colour, creed or race. Teach them how to think as a nation. Educate them the need to see eye to eye and understand the many cultures and political understandings. Educate them what Democracy really means and how important it is to uphold the Constitution and parliament. Instil them to love the land, the people, their religion and the King.

Believe me, leaving the education of these kids to corrupted practices would mean the death of all your rights as well as theirs. Command constant vigilance and always tell the story of both sides of the coin~ most importantly tell them the truth, the whole truth and nothing else.

If there is one way to reach for the stars it would be this way and not by the piercing of the Keris in the air as if it is so relevant to all Malaysians. That only is only reserved for the minds of 50 years ago.


moo_t said...

450,000. If 15% manage to go into University, it will be 67,500 graduate made every year.

It make me wonder, can country provide jobs for 67,500 graduate. Our country policies discourage SME, and big conglomerate seems overflow.

Zalikha said...

Talk about AUKU.

As an IIUM student, and part of Leadership Team, A team comprises of all the Presidents and top students of the University, What we do is always debating about AUKU, finding our rights in questioning the Government and how they Administer this country.

I think you might have heard that IIUM is always having trouble with the Government when it comes to the University Election Campaign, this is because we fight for a different goal and Aspiration, So the Team that I am in are fighting for it before we are being marginalised for the next Election.

With AUKU in the way, the Government will never know what we want as the future leaders of this country...in return, we will still be the same, no matter How educated our nation is.