26 November, 2007

Again police brutality is questioned. Hindraf is left more than wounded.

Pretty staple reports a day after a protest rally. The first few things that will be raised is police brutality. But in this case the police have given ample warning and the proper approvals for arresting protesters have been made more than public. So what can be said for those injured in the Hindraf rally?

Hindraf has to realize there are ways to get things done which they did not follow. Being stubborn will not work with an even more stubborn government. But it is the government's responsibility to ensure public order in general. Plus would the Queen of England give a damn?

I watched the video by Reuters. The police still could have treated humans more humanely. Procedures of arrest should not include dragging stubborn protesters like stray dogs. But Hindraf did not control their supporters too...burning buses? What the hell! That is simply unacceptable. Owh, and where is the said memo? I didn't read anywhere that it was handed over...owh wait was it faxed over? Wow~ all the trouble just to send a fax. Well done Hindraf.

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Freethinker said...

The mere fact of their "out of the reach" petition and seeing how close just after BERSIH, they are either too naive to expect a police permit and less of water canons and chemicals..

Why can't they play it smart ?