11 November, 2007

Al-Jazeera coverage of Bersih Rally and Jeef Ooi comments.

History was certainly made today. It was a black one. Whichever sentiments that you fly on let this serve as a point of view but in no way that I am saying anyone if right in this matter. In fact I shall in my own opinion think that all parties were at wrong. From the 70+ organizations that made this rally happen as well the law enforcement agencies as well as a simply ignorant government.

I got the invitation to join this rally. But than I thought that in what way should a show of a rally could budge such a stuck-up government and ruling party? Plus obviously we all know that the fact there is double standards of the authorities in which part at all the odd thousands (some said 20k, others quoted 40k and Anwar claimed 100K...which one lah?) that gathered would bother a sleeping belching ignorant giant of the ruling party? Yes I have to say it twice because that is that. It shows in the sentiments carried for all the years and the intensifying demands of very intelligent people of this country.

I have to say that Jeff Ooi is right. The ruling party has to take notice, in a positive way. Take ridicule, comments and opinions from every side very seriously before they slip from their fat comfy calf skin chairs. Just to show that we ain't stupid, we are not ignorant and we know everything is simply not OK.

Video of Al-Jazeera coverage on the rally reminds me of protests that happened in Indonesia some time ago~ People want action and now they are walking the talk...far better than the ignorant beings in power.