05 November, 2007

Dungun UMNO youth makes police report.

Vandalism must be a trait of politics too. Dungun UMNO Youth made a police report regarding vandalised billboards depicting leaders of UMNO and the deeds which UMNO has done for the people of Terengganu in general.

I could see the fanatics of oppositions working very hard here but it does not serve any good purpose and is the least effective method to challenge UMNO. The opposition should realize one thing. To go head to head with the ruling party takes brains and not silly childish acts such as vandalising billboards with UMNO advertisements.

All that energy should instead be channelled towards the greater good. I say the seniors of oppositions parties should regulate and be updated on the activities of what their youth supporters are up to. If there is any hope, develop programs which these people can take part and contribute positively to the community and the people instead of making a mess and turning their town ugly from the various vandalism that they do.

As for UMNO I am very sceptical as to why should they bother to publicize what they do for the people of Terangganu. I mean is it that important to show off to the people that you have been good and kind to the locals?

Full report on UMNO Youth website.

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