24 September, 2007

Earning from a passion.

Not many people earns from what they love to do most. Those who does are considered very lucky. But there is every reason for those who love to write or blog to do that now. Now anyone can get paid to blog about thing things they love or relevant to the things they fancy.

Smorty features slightly higher payouts that some of the rest of paid posting services out there plus there are no ugly badges to stick at the bottom of your post to say you are paid. It's not about the money at all but a tiny compensation to support what you love to do is no harm done now is it?

All that is requested is to have one link in a very short 150 word post. Send it for approval and get paid in a week once it is approved. Simple, no long waits till the end of the month and no ugly badges to say a post is indeed sponsored or not.

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