15 November, 2007

Entertaining entertainers of a family more than the 3 bears.

I agree in some of the speeches by this year Urmm...No delegates. All of us have a role to play. Like wise for all the posts in the High Committee of Urmm...No right down to those at branch level. Certainly in the hundred thousand over members of Urmm...No I would certainly feel darn bored if everyone had the same role to play.

So just like a Broadway musical albeit one which is very out of tune each one of them has a role to play. There is a leader that is ignorant of what is going on and thinks that all is OK, good and superbly well. He also thinks he is very well loved by the public. That is why more often than not he sleeps like a baby pacified by good old warm formula milk.

Than we have a constantly crying child wearing diapers that some how lost his pacifier. Keeps complaining about every thing and mimics whatever any one older says. but that is to be expected as a kid only knows almost nothing thus mimics the actions of adults. Makes me wonder what happened to mama.

Ahhh...Mama is too busy. This is a modern mom mind you. Very independent and has a business of her own. She moves so fast that she breaks a few heels of her shoes every year. Yet, she is very much oblivious to what is happening at home. Modern moms I suppose are like that.

Her sister comes once in awhile. But with a very queer habit. She likes girls....a lot too! Her tomboyish trait sometimes makes others confuse but she is a very passionate sportsman err...woman...whichever la.

There are plenty of annoying cousins and brothers too. An uncle who has severe butterflies in the stomach when foreigners ask him about stuff. One cousin who has this fixation on sharp metal objects and perhaps gets an orgasm from waving it around like a wand. A law college drop out who is still saying he has hope to be a lawyer someday but fact is he can't control his insatiable desire to cuss everyone. You can't act like that in court now could you?

The jolly neighbourhood milkman comes by to deliver sour milk...plus it always changes and increases in price every time it rains. He calls it necessary to feed his merry cows to produce more milk. But somehow it taste more and more watered down after every year. Finally there is this out of town relative....not really sure how he came about but we know he smuggles weapons and military equipment to sell to mercenaries that perhaps loves to kill tourists....especially fellow Asian ones.

It is really a family which everyone would want. How can it not be? You can sleep~ and pinch the balls of your fellow neighbours and continuously keep bragging of what you have planned. Fantastic~ Ultimately a "Keluarga Bahagia"!

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