09 November, 2007

FACT: NEP thwarts Me-Layu Progress.

Touchy issue. But it is a clear fact that many Malays will never want to admit. I was a bit surprised that among the issues in the UMNO big ass assembly is about why are Malays soooooooooo..... SLOW. Surprised because it is the cause of UMNO which has very much translated to some government policies that has actually made a lot of Malays rich at the expense of other Malays which are left to suffer more than a bit.

This is a mighty problem to me but in a different view entirely. Here lies the fact that there is awareness that Malays are still SLOW. But the way I see it is the various mechanisms that have been formulated and implemented by the big weed idiots such as the NEP is what widens the gap. While on top of that need I say CORRUPTION is a major hindrance that is so widely practised at all levels which bogs down the very people they intend to help.

So it is good that they are asking questions and realize that Malays are slow in progress compared to the other races. It's just the part of ignorance that is putting the Malays way back in the pace. So the development of regional corridors? Ensuring that Malay reserve land sticks to the Malays? What nonsense! The problem core of the problem is simple yet they all take such a roundabout and beating through the bushes just so that some will get much more than others and a sack full of dough goes into their cavernous bank account.

So the magic words are ignorance, greed, and selfishness. That is what that is making this race gets worse and worse every year. So yeah...sharing what again?


rational thinker said...

if all malays see more than their own immediate gains like yourself...then malaysia might have hope.

Freethinker said...

seriously they can go on and on and rehash this same thing every year.. yet none of the "David Beckhams" are ready for reform