07 November, 2007

The government has angered the Hindus.

YES this is about the demolition of a 30 year old Hindu temple last week. But is is not to question if it was right or not to build that temple on the piece of land in question. But it is in fact on how the authorities have taken too much physical action in demolishing the temple.

It can't be denied that any construction of any structure should abide by the laws that govern it. However in the event that an illegal structure is erected on any piece of land proper procedures need to be followed and the action taken needs to be as civilised as possible.

In this case the demolition of the temple was not done proper. Force was used and people got hurt. From just a simple demolition it became a fracas that made Indians and Hindus to be mighty pissed of the authorities.

Even as Samy Vellu came and negotiated on behalf of his brothers the fact lies in the execution of the whole thing. As how violent the episode became is yet to be proven proper and thus far I have found no graphic evidence that violence indeed occur. However as the Malay saying goes "Masakan pokok bergoyang jikalau angin tidak bertiup" can be applied here.

What would save the whole situation now would be a public apology. but would the authorities admit that the use of force was a step too far? I don't think they would. Being acting like gangsters themselves and a clear image of a Majlis Bandaran Officer hurling stones good enough reason for Hindus and Indians to fight back.


rahim said...

you weren't there, and most of your writings are based on biased sources. you did not see the enforcement officer who broke his leg after he was attacked, that's when other majlis enforcement officer started to retaliate.

you did not see 5 indians trying to attack majlis officers with parangs,but fortunately were chased by police who then fired 5 shot at the indians escape vehicles which the crashed into an iswara which by coincidently drived by an indian and he was trapped, luckily not dead.

i am not associated with any enforcement agency, but was there to see myself all the incident.

Rauff said...

I understand your point of view. I am not merely pointing fingers to who is only at fault. In fact I think every one is.

However, let me pose a situation to you. If your beloved place of worship is to be torn down by the whoever it may be would you sit there and just watch?

This is a place of faith. And as much as sensitivities is concerned a lot of explaining need to be done.

But just for your information, I lived in Klang and grew up there half of my life. The temple in question is very familiar to me as many of my school mates are from that area.

All I am just saying is that, there are many ways to open a light bulb. But the way that has been chosen in this specific situation has been dealt in less than ideal situations. Extra caution should have been practiced when anything concerning faith to a religion is concerned.

Enforcement and chain of command has definitely been compromised. That is that and a black spot has been left behind as far as the Hindu locals are concerned. It is just sad to know that it could have been dealt in a better way but it was not.