25 November, 2007

Hindraf defeated. Sentiments survey done by SPR favours current government.

This time around the government won. What is expected to be a grand rally seemed to be washed out. With that Hindraf might have made a grave error in executing their plans. However I bet a level of awareness for Indians in this country has rose a fair bit. Even a new Indian political party was launced named Malaysian Indian United Party led by Datuk K.S. Nallakaruppan of ex-PKR. Adding one more to the ranks of parties under BN. How would this new party fair is yet to be known but as always what is written down as the purpose is usually very positive.

I don't want to peel on what went wrong for Hindraf. But let me state this, if and only if things were taken one step at a time it should have been a bit more successful. Gung ho only works in cowboy movies. Still I do think that there is a good point to strive for. Better luck next time Hindraf, there will be more chances in the future I hope.

Good timing for SPR to publish their survey on the people's sentiment on the current government. But only if the past survey done was published side by side would we the people would know what the results of the survey is quantifiable for. The difference of support is not that wide a gap now as it was before I bet. The government is loosing a few points at best but it is all pretty positive as the people are more aware of their surroundings.

Going over the graphs upon graphs the numbers reflects that we have indeed matured. But it's not enough to make the opposition jump with glee and celebration that they have a hope in taking over after the coming elections or even a few more for that matter. Process of change is indeed slow but we are making progress in terms of mentality and thinking.

Most are concern over corruption, the high crime rate and especially the worry of price hikes next year. These are the 3 main issues that needs to be addressed. I bet my money on it the the coming election campaign will primarily be just about that. Both the opposition and the ruling party will use it to the fullest to market what they are able to offer.

What is our responsibility? Simply listen and use our brains to think collectively and work around the obstacles with finesse. No doubt plenty of tip toe issues but it's not as if we have never done that before. I am still going to be skeptical of what will be promised. But I have to say, this year the opposition has worked very hard to make some serious check and balance. Overall I am impressed. The ruling party has received so much pressure compared to yesteryears and they are feeling the punch and bruises. It serves to be a wake-up call to those that have been asleep for so long. I just hope they wake up in time and buck up. Or else, the next next elections will see them all scrambling for air.


Mei said...

Just a quick question - when was the survey conducted...and was it open to the public? Coz I never saw it (publicity, I mean) at all!!!

Rauff said...

it was n the papers today~ New Sunday Times had a page spread on it.

rational thinker said...

lol. SPR survey or the Merdeka Center Survey?

Perhaps the poll was right, but i honestly don't believe it. oh well, personally, i have made survey questions that they could be in such a way, we always get the answer we want. :)

Plus, it's a firm set out to do surveys....on the basis of payment. wonder who commission this recent survey? woo hoo!


and btw, HINDRAF didn't fail. They managed to highlight the issue of indian demarginalization. that's all. wonder why you can see beyond that? maybe becayse they re not from your own race?



rauff said...

huh? My race? What is my race? I am Malaysian...not Malay, not Indian nor Chinese or the other minorities.


Hindraf made a point~ yes but the objective of the rally was not achieved. That is how I look at it. I hope they try again~ This time in a more organized and rational manner.

Anonymous said...

Eh, SPR is ex UMNO man lah. And for hindraf to organise a few thousand protesters despite being unregistered & banned is amazing. They were civilised & calm until the tear gas & water cannons were unleashed.

Malaysian loh
*how can leave name - sedition is a wide term*

Trashed said...

I don't doubt that the BN will continue to form the majority govt in the next election.

However, if the opposition captures 40% of the seats (not popular vote), then I think the BN will already be very concerned.

observer said...

hindraf now or in the future will never work. It will only galvanized
the opposite side to react as well.
Does hindraf think they the only ones who can assemble like this

There are much discontent with
Umno, but should they feel their rights are threatened, it will force them to re-unite behind the only party that will championed their cause. This event has raised the awareness of the Malay. They are watching these events closely now.

Personally, any groups can succeed as shown by owners of maxis and airasia. Blaming the govt is just
a convenient excuse. Communities
need to look at how they can help themselves.

Anonymous said...


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