27 November, 2007

Hindraf demands could spark civil unrest.

For the love for this country Hindraf does not seem to care much about the rest of the people but themselves. Their long list of demands could cause grave rifts in between us all. It touches all aspects of civil living and the core values of Malaysians.

I spoke to a few fellow bloggers as well as some party members of both side of the camp. Their opinion is just the same~ Both sides are concerned...and these are grass root leaders who are very much closer to the members. It is understood that certain rights could not just simply be abolished. The implications of such demands if it were to be granted would make our economy worse and we would all be done for.

Sincerely, things are not getting better if the authorities, ruling parties as well as the opposition are not working together to educate and control these demands in the proper manner. Peaceful rallies are acceptable but once a crowd turns unruly in the street even when one stone is thrown that will spark a riot.

Nothing can be solved in anger. What Hindraf has so far spurred not only causes concern by the other races but the Indians themselves are scared for their well being if anything bad were to happen. If they cant control their members it would serve them right to be arrested. I have to agree that public order is priority number one~ Once the streets is filled with chaos and a state of emergency is called military rule is certain to take effect. That rips every single right that we have away and nothing can be done to solve things~

Please, please, please fellow citizens, brothers and sisters of Malaysia.... all of us know that we are far better than that. State of emergency will strip us the rights to vote until public confidence and order is restored.


pablopabla said...

Who is rioting anyway? And who is threatening the peace of the country? If the police had allowed the demonstrators to assemble and organise their walk in an orderly manner, I don't foresee that these demonstrators would do anything more than chanting and shouting of slogans. Why allow certain groups more leeway in assembling but not groups which are perceived to be a threat to the political security of the ruling government? I think we seriously ought to examine that question before we hallucinate with ourselves that citizens of this country are more eager than not to pick up the next weapon and start civil unrest.

rauff said...

i am trying to look it in both perspectives~ one action starts another's reaction....if Hindraf gets overboard we cant vote them in or out of the system. which makes it even worse than a slow government~

All i can say is I do not support Hindraf anymore~ it seems to me that it is more than just a simply payout that they want~ and what they want is simply not beneficial to everyone (Indians included) else in this country.

Anonymous said...

It was pointed by blogger Mahaguru that HINDRAF does not even represents the Indian minority interest. They are propagating a religious...HINDU rights!! Waiting for reactions from PAS!!!

pablopabla said...

I look at it from another perspective. With due respect, the 1st aspect which we should look at is the Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Expression. The organisers were denied their right to assemble and express themselves all on flimsy excuses that such an assembly and expression would cause security concerns. You can't blame the demonstrators from being all the more emotional when they were denied this right in the light of the inconsistent and preferential treatment given by the police to other groups in this country to express themselves.

When you deny such a basic and fundamental right (especially to those who feel that they have been discriminated against), you naturally create more hostility and hatred.

The danger of preferential treatment in giving police permits to those who are not demonstrating against the government's policies breeds contempt and dissatisfaction on those whose rights have been unfairly treated. This sets future precedence which may affect other groups of people.

The merits of their demands are another thing altogether. Frankly speaking, I don't see how they could successfully persuade the Court in England to rule in their favour. I would deem their suit a frivolous one. After 50 years of independence, I think it is high time that racial perspective be thrown away and meritocracy be utilised across the board. Meaning, the poor and the marginalised ought to be assisted regardless of their religion or creed. Not merely by reason of race or religion. But would the ruling government or UMNO wish to discuss this at all and take affirmative steps towards this ideal?

Rauff said...

It seems that the only one thing that is in grave concern is their demands that the social contract to be abolished.

I see their point but the execution is all wrong. The only way to do it is by the elections. We all know UMNO won't back off that easily~

Which means everyone who oppose will just have to try much smarter ways. They are not impossible they are just "Hard" if you get what I mean.

pablopabla said...

We all know that the integrity of the election process itself is questionable. The BERSIH rally and the evidence produced by concerned groups point towards an unfair election process.

As for the social contract, that is something which is enshrined in the Fed Constitution. Unless there is a referendum, it should not be touched. But the NEP itself ought to be relooked into. Rather than a total abolishment of NEP, it should be modified so that only the poor and marginalised be assisted. Not by race. For instance, discounts for housing at say 5% is only applicable for those whose income is below a certain bracket. It should not be for all bumiputras regardless of their income. Any right minded person would agree that if you are already earning say RM5,000 monthly, you should not be entitled to housing discounts. I hope you see this point of my argument. It is not an attack on a particular race. Rather, it is on the failings of the policy.

But that in itself is another subject altogether. The primary subject of concern again, is the refusal by the police to grant this group of citizens to air their grouses.

By the way, I value our interesting exchange of opinion on this matter :D

Rauff said...

Those are darn good suggestions~ Besides what is the point if the National Economic Policy is not for the good of the whole nation?

As far as the police in concern we know they are indeed picking the side that gives them the power and that is the government. Unlike the army which is under the Agong's umbrella. Perhaps that is why these two don't really get along that well.

Somehow some way the people will have their way in the end. We would just have to see to it that all of us do our part in saving what is left of our beloved country. I still have faith in my fellow Malaysians.

note: The pleasure is al mine Pablo. That is why I started this blog in the first place.

pablopabla said...

LOL, if only the ruling party would bother to see our exchanges of opinion and humbly agree that bloggers do exchange constructive criticisms for the benefit of the nation. All bloggers are victimised as tools of the opposition party in this country. Such general and sweeping statements make a politician look really stupid but I think they don't realise how stupid it is.

Anonymous said...

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