23 November, 2007

I blame the Government for loss of man hours.

It is ridiculous~ utterly irresponsible as well as purely selfish. This street protest is on Sunday for friggin' sake why the roadblocks starts on Friday? Yea yea I hear the million and one reasons. To breakdown the rally lah, this lah and that lah. But seriously, if all is done and managed well than would people and organizations take to the streets to voice their displeasure?

Now businesses blames the protestors for the loss of revenue. Well, that is surely comforting. Loss man hours to means deductions from pay or leave. now that is a waste isn't it? I was caught in a jam this morning and because of idiotic police chit-chatting next to the cones they set up I lost 1 hour worth of my pay.

But should I point my loss of income is in fact the doing of the protest that is to take place on a bloody Sunday? No, I want to blame the government. One for being ignorant to the needs of the people and the second for using the rally as an excuse that it is the cause of all misery for the past 2 weeks. That is simply bollocks.

Police conducting roadblocks....and literally that is all that they do. They don't check every single vehicle. They don't place more than 6 morons at each roadblock and half of them will be sitting under a big ass umbrella and the other half will be too busy laughing and cracking jokes, answering their hand phones and smoking. In other word hey just set it all up to be of inconvenience to the people.

I wonder if the Police have any brains or not. Being puppets to stand next to cones is as good as just placing real mannequins in police uniforms. How any more stupid can that get? Plus I got held up and an hour of my pay gets deducted. For everyday I get held up in traffic for roadblocks the idiotic popo sets up on stupid instructions from the bugger government I shall deduct my hourly pay off the income tax payable to compensate for my loss. Owh...and I shall not vote for BN in the coming GE. I be better off voting for goats. At least I know goats wont instruct for roadblocks, they be manning it themselves.


rational thinker said...

as much as i hate pas's islamic statehood, anwar's corrupted past and dap's lost vision...

i HATE our ruling parties more.

YES...VOTE FOR GOATS...OR PAS...or DAP...oR any freaking one who is brave nuff to stand

yowchuan said...

haven't you heard about the real motive behind these roadblocks?

It IS to make the public PISSED OFF with the protesters.

But you and I know better...