05 November, 2007

Instil integrity to leaders first.

There is this malay saying "Cakap tak serupa bikin". Now I do not know how does Nazri Aziz understand this saying but from my kind observation I bet not much. But anyway he tells us not to be pessimistic about the government's efforts in instilling integrity.

Dear Nazri, I don't think we (the people) are being that pessimistic. But over the years, falling over and over again has been really painful to the knees. Since whatever it is that has been set-up in 2004 it has been a good 3 years I suspect. But what else is there to look forward to when every step forward is 4 steps back in reality.

Need I enlighten the current situation of things. In dire need of a lot of corrections is the Judiciary System. If you are the so called minister as you have claimed you are why not do something about it rather than blatantly giving out uneducated remarks that you are so famous for? But hey, yeah maybe you hae somekind of plan up your sleeves we will never know.

Claims of further corruption in every single nook and corner still is an upsetting thing. The police is corrupted, judges are fixed by dirty hands, your cohorts and party members practice money politics, and you have overexcited friend that shall again wave his weapon in the air like a lunatic in the next UMNO assembly.

Blame it on the few black sheep that grazes public funds. For all we know there should be no black , green, red or even yellow sheep for that matter. So if a few black sheep can stomach millions of the people's Ringgit why should we be looking into more black sheep running free? So is that it? We don not want to know that there is a plan on National Integrity we want to know that the plan is being put in motion and is working.

There is this stench from politicians~ and I can safely call it bullshit.

Full report in the Star.

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