18 November, 2007

Jeff Ooi gets into trouble~ Again.

The popo received reports from 3 bodies alleging Jeff Ooi of tarnishing the country's name and reputation. Sometimes I wonder what perceives as an opinion will serve you right up in the ass and ruptures the rectum. But to some extent I do agree that Jeff has somewhat left a scratch on our country's name.

But, how else could he have done it if not for an international news agency? Our local news agency are not that open in allowing people to voice out their opinion not in favour of how things are run in "boleh land". So could we blame him entirely.

In respect to that it is somewhat a telling proof that there is too much "red tape" by our local media that we do nothing but complain about it. Simply denying the people of information is as good as being governed by Communism accept we don't share the fruits equally.

Malaysian Islamic Consumers Association, Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress and Pertubuhan Seni Silat Ikatan Kalam Malaysia have made the report. 2 out of 3 I find it logical....the Silat association however sounds bogus. What it Ikatan Kalam anyway? But no matter....it should serve Jeff Ooi something to ponder before accepting any interview offers from foreign media. Now I am just waiting for my turn to have a police report lodged against me....better yet a law suit. I find that all this mumbo jumbo is a slight of hand that is used to cover up for the many short comings.

Full report in NST.

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