07 November, 2007

Judo demo demonstrates male mounting a girl on campus.

Watch and tell me what do you think is wrong in this video. This was shot at UiTM Shah Alam sports complex sometime early this year. What it shows is a guy mounting a girl demonstrating a rape scene. However for the love of god must it be a male on top of a female? Has the organizers have no common sense? Perhaps not~ I bet plenty of Malay or Muslim parents disapprove of this.

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bennyloh said...

All 'locks'/'groundwork' have physical contacts of this nature.
This is a very good form of workout- it is more physically demanding as compare to other martial arts.
It is just impossible for one who is good at his groundwork to be raped. She can easily overpower the rapists.
For more locks look into http://judo.info.com (I think this is the right address). This is the best site.