26 November, 2007

Klang put in Emergency State. (Updated)

I just called a friend in Klang 10 minutes ago. It seems that a bunch of Lawyers have been arrested caught marching to the courts in Klang. Thus he claims that orders have been given that Klang is in state of emergency of some sort and it is best that no one stay out in the open.

So if there is anyone out there in Klang and do know anything about it please report on what is the status. Apparently the info I got was that the streets are locked down and it took my friend's mother like four hours to get from Tmn. Sri Andalas to Klang Parade.


This is the latest update I got from my Indian friends in Klang. The three lawyers detained were released on bail yesterday but one of them decided to stay and starve himself in protest. Well that is his choice, I have to respect that. Anyhow it was not much a state of emergency but it almost became one. Apparently the police had a helicopter at the scene and at one point it was hovering very low in the effort to disperse the crowd.

The result? Low flying helicopters in urban areas creates lots of turbulence and practically blows everything below it violently if not away. This got the people below very cross and from what I heard they retaliated in ways that could possibly make the helicopter crash over them if their luck runs out. Now, this seems to be a serious case of negligence by the police if it is true as well as the public acting pretty much unruly and very emotional.

But I can't certify all that I heard to be entirely accurate. So far nothing in the media has been published on the incident. So it would be best that we'll wait and see if there was any media coverage on the matter or some video recorded the incident uploaded on Youtube.


Kss said...

Oh no! This sound serious. Let's hope that peace in Malaysia will be restored.

Headwind said...

peace will only be restored when fairness is returned to the people and the fed constitution is upheld.

To those people on the street, I salute you.

Trashed said...

The state of "emergency" might have been caused by the police to justify thier actions (whatever they choose it to be).

Was there a need for the helicopter to fly so low ?

I believe that Malaysians are mature enough to accept that fair treatment is to be reciprocated. If the police treat the rakyat fairly, then they (the Police) should also be treated with respect.