21 November, 2007

Let them stay on till 66? Might as well put mummies in the EC.

What the crap is this? Why let the old farts stay on till they literally rot in their chairs? I am really sorry if it offends Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman. But again I am not sorry for the bloody idea of this. Now for all things why should it be till 66? 60 years old should be just nice but anything beyond that we don't want an EC being led by someone on life support.

I say the Chairman of the EC should be fit and healthy as well as being able to take physical challenges well. The EC Chairman job scope involves a lot of travelling and this include the many rural areas where the election centre may be set up. So what makes these buggers in parliament think that 66 is a young age? I say if once you think you need Viagra please for god sake give way to younger blood.

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Crankshaft said...

Forget about them being old. What about them being corrupt and unable to carry out their duties?

After over a week, he wants PROOF that the elections are rigged.

It must be a lot of evidence destroyed if it took so long to clean up and look spiffy..