20 November, 2007

Lingam will talk but will say nothing more for now.

A sudden rush of things is happening. Yesterday the brother spilled the beans, today Lingam himself gave out a statement. "I will cooperate..." errr....that is pretty much it. Infamous Nazri said the members of the Royal Commission will be tabled in the house this week. So what does this all mean?

Number one, since Lingam's brother has spilled the beans he may have mentioned a few names in the report to the police that he made. Whoever it might be must have left the country as soon as they knew about it. It would be a stumbling block for the Royal Commission even before they could determine who would be part of it.

Lingam suddenly came out of hiding, 2 months after he was exposed in the clip. Which is a good question of why? Keeping mum for 2 months seems like he is capable of being silent for a few more. All the sudden he sounds so much like a proper lawyer. Is he trying to get sympathy? Would he get it? I doubt.

The people should and would not forgive him if he did in fact was involved in fixing judges appointments. Great days ahead~ The Royal Comission, Bersih, General Elections, Nurins murder, Altantunya's murder, less than short brained ministers...phew~! What a way to end 2007 with a bang!

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