05 November, 2007

Malays must be this and must be that~ May the debacle begin.

Odd, extremely odd. Well not really but still it is good to question the sudden spewing of what Malays must be and must not be in order to change by our leaders. I think it started by the statement by the Royal Professor Ungku Aziz on Malays should be "Kiasu". Now everyone wants to say something on how Malays should think.

Pak Lah says "Be more Confident~", Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik said "Must change mindset in business~". Who else wants to put their 2 cents in please place it in a Milo tin. But more importantly it is not the matter of fact that the Malays hold all key posts in the government. It is instead the issue of are these people holding keys posts have been delivering all that has been promised during the past electoral campaign?

The fans say "Yes, of course they have delivered" The non-fans? The fact of the matter is that it is not about the fans. It is about the people. Although 60% of the people are Malays but the the other 40% is still very much a big number of people. So Imagine this 40% are a very unsatisfied bunch. Yes, they might not have enough to overturn the favour in decision making but they can cause a lot of trouble.

What is the attitude that our leaders have been taking? Simple, when election fever comes suddenly every darn old politician becomes a think tank. Everyone wants to make a statement that supposedly uses a number of braincells. The best of it all? Nothing much ever happens right after they get the mandate.

Isn't it peculiar enough that that the economy is so good all the sudden and the stock market is making a lot of people happy for the past few weeks? Just before Chinese New Year we were struggling to stabilize the Composite Index but now we have sky rocketed to the 1400 points? The speculations in the long run can be disastrous not to mention the false hopes that the market is giving to everyone.

This in fact is the sincere job of the fans of the ruling parties. The rich have the power to control the poor into believing that it's all smooth sailing from here onwards. Dangle the mighty money carrot and cloud the people from what is really the problem. I dare to say this....Malays are scared. They are scared that they will loose in a fair fight of political power. That is why money politics has very much been a staple since there is the UMNO Baru. Huh? There was an UMNO lama? Many has forgotten that dark bit.

So for whatever that can and could be said about Malays. I was never impressed or surprised. It is expected when just one race has a majority of the power. They become absorbed with greed and more greed. With the power comes the devil in the form of great neglect. Need I say more? Do we all have an agenda? Yes we do...al races have an agenda. But where is it all heading to? As for the Malay one...it is heading nowhere up. The Chinese? They have been on the up trend ever since they know they do not have the political power. They Indians? Heck they are certainly moving somewhere in the positive direction. Me-Layu? It's like the Rabbit and Turtle race. Malays will loose once caught napping~ They have been napping for a long time.

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