24 November, 2007

Mass arrest possible. I suggest march at more than one location.

Counting down to a few events this weekend. First is the A1 Sepang race is this weekend, Fly FM 2nd birthday celebrations and the Hindraf march. To your best judgement which one will effect another the most? You are absolutely smart if you say Hindraf. I understand the march is for a justifiable cause. In fact, I support the cause to fight for rights and demand for some compensation for all the Indians. But lets face it, the government has it's scuba underpants up it's ass and they don't like it too much.

Some bigots say it is not our culture to protest and be walking the streets. But it seems "they" can walk the streets and their permit will be approved on the spot provided you fly a certain flag. But why lah? Simple we are actually walking back towards the time when the British ruled the land. Kinda fucked up actually.

We can blame them (British) to what has become of us today. Our prejudice against other races, the various name calling was all started by persistent planting of rhetoric by the British in the media then. This it is still there until today but now practised by the ruling parties.

Do we know openly there was 2 Constitutions debated before independence? One has most demands made by the people and this included all other parties not under the coalition and the other one was notoriously called UMNO's Constitution. Guess which one the British accepted? UMNO of course.

I am glad to say that whatever that will happen this weekend is very much our culture. Protest and mass assemblies of the people demanding their rights has been a pretty staple thing for 10 years before Merdeka. If it was not for public gatherings, protests, peaceful marches it would not have propelled this country to independence in the first place.

Sadly we have not entirely achieved independence. The people is not UMNO or BN. It is just a representation and we know that representations can be wrong. Personally, UMNO should not gloat too much....even their flag design has the background snitched from a party in the late 40's called PKMM. They just smacked a yellow circle and the green kris to call it their own. PKMM left the coalition of the Malay parties based on their principles was compromised. And they fought for independence and a people's constitution with the help of others.

So, by all means march. March everywhere else except in front of the British counsel. March in front of every British company, march in front of every ex missionary school, march in front of every British built churches and march all the way to parliament. If ever the Indians need a representation it should be by the government they voted for. If the government refuse to fight for the very citizens they counted their votes on than we know who are the real traitors.

Britain will surely not entertain what Hindraf is claiming. Simply because if the charge is not mooted by one country to another in the international courts than they won't risk much. Instead all of us here are at loss since protesters will be arrested on sight. Mind you, this is regardless if the march goes on as peacefully and as docile as a sleeping kitten.

So those who are not willing to be arrested just stay away from KL this weekend. And those wanting to march to the British Counsel it would be best to march some place else. Basically make the police's balls shrink in their blue hues for they will have crowd control problems if the Hindraf march is at various locations in KL. So march on because it is how politics started in this land anyway. The prats running the country forgets about history.


Zalikha said...

Do you really make money with all those advertisements in your site?

Just wondering..heh...need money to buy SLR lenses.

technogeek said...

It is awesome march on 25Nov...but taken charge by the brutality of some unconsidered party who dont seems to know what FAIRNESS & equal rights are about...nice post :)